Particle System (Invisible after reusing Actor)

I cannot figure out what is going on. I have a tile actor blueprint (tied to a tile actor class). The blueprint has a Particle system component that is tied to a particle system that is never destroyed / loops indefinitely. As tiles are coming and going often, I’ve implemented a pooling mechanism. Instead of destroying the actors I’m doing a few things to hide / show for later reuse. Whenever the tile is reused I place it back into the viewport but the particle system seems to be invisible. When I pause the PIE and select the actor and click on the RESET EMITTER button for the PS component it starts up again.

SCREENSHOT shows all aspects of what was described above.

I’ve even hooked into the particle system destroyed event and made sure it wasn’t being destroyed. Also, the visibilities on the component still seem to be fine… Any ideas as to what could be happening??


It’s possible that by hiding the component it’s becoming deactivated. There’s a call you can make to activate the particle system, try that.

I think it’s DeactivateSystem() and ActivateSystem(true) but I’m not entirely sure. You should be turning it off anyway if you aren’t using it.

The TileClass was created after the AActor class. It contained a DefaultScene with a Paper 2d Sprite under it. I then created a Blueprint from it and attached a Particle System under the Paper 2d Sprite. Then the code I mentioned to hide/unhide the actor. I was able to get around it by forcing a Deactive/Activate (reset) on the particle system in the blueprint whenever it was reinstated.

Hey -

Can you list the step to reproduce this? What template did you base your project on? Was the TileActor class a base class available in the engine or a custom class that you created? If it was a custom class, what class did you use as the parent? Please be as detailed as possible so that I can reproduce the issue on my end.


, please see my answer below. Make sure you mark a correct answer for others that experience this problem.