Particle Cutouts Not Working

So, I’m using a SubUV sheet for smoke, dust, and mist particles in my project, but there’s a lot of wasted space in the unused portions of the texture. While there’s no animation, the SubUVs are used for random selection of different dust clouds. Unfortunately, the cutouts just aren’t working. I made the SubUV animation asset and put in my cloudy alpha texture in there, then plugged that into cascade’s SubUV module. And it still won’t work!

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I’m running into issues with certain textures and am discussing it with one of our engineers right now. I’ll update you when I hear back.

I heard back from our engineer and have entered UE-31583 in our system for this issue. Thanks for reporting it!

Hi, .Williams,
May be I have same problem:

Help me please.

Hey a.katkov,

We’ve got one of our techs looking into that thread. Any further updates will be made there.


I noticed that when using exr format the Cutout was not working correctly while converting it into a 8bit psd file it was working correctly.