Particle Collision Event, how to find out what it hit

I’ve got a particle system that has an event generator on it that does something when it collides with something in the scene.
Is there a way to figure out what the particle hit? I’d like to do some different behavior when the particle hits a player.

You can get particle collision data inside blueprint to work with by binding the on particle collide of the particle system.
But it does not provide any data about what it hit. But you can move a collision sphere to the location to see if there’s any relevant actors in the area.

If you are willing to modify the C++, there are several PR’s on GitHub that add better send to game/colliison support for particles, including various bug fixes.

Visiting this topic in 2020, the event system is far too slow indeed, especially for mobile. Any possibility to provide a link or better instructions on how to find a pull request with a C++ feature like was described?

These two mainly:

There are a couple more PR’s I supplied that I consider out of date now.
I should really update them.
One fixes collision issues.
The other allows you to set a min speed before triggering collision.

The version we use internally allows for a min speed, a refire delay and a min distance.
This prevents issues on certain odd collision angles that would spam a ridiculous amount of impacts :frowning: