Paper2D Tilemap: tile textures start flickering while moving camera at longer distances

Hello there,

now I’m at a point where I have to ask my first question :nerd_face:
I’m a software dev and doing Unreal in my free time. So I’m way more familiar with coding than with the graphical side.

I’m playing around with Paper2D and try to make a top down building / management / tycoon game. I created a Tilemap wich basically works fine. I got rid of the tearing effect by using padded Tilesets but I’m still have one strange issue.
I just created three layers (grass, streets and street markings).

From near distances everything is fine. But when I zoom out at some point textures start flickering and it seems like pixels are moving back and forth. This only happens when I move the camera but the effect is visible on all textures.
You can see this in the video. It’s most visible on road markings.

I played with different AA settings etc. but nothing solved the issue.
Currently I’m using Ortho camera (works fine for now) but same effect with Persp camera anyways. Not really sure what additional info I could provide.

My general idea is that at longer distances the textures are affected by LOD and/or AA is smoothening this out. But this is just my naive way of thinking :see_no_evil:
Do you have any guess how I could solve this problem?

Thanks for reading

I’ll give up on that :disappointed:

If it takes that long to render a very basic Tilemap properly, it’s probably not the right environment. So I have to go back to Unity.

Maybe someone picks up on this. So I’ll leave this topic