Paper2D + Subsurface Shading

I’m trying out a little experiment and ran into a problem.

I know Paper2D and subsurface shader aren’t supposed to mix but I’ve gotten a result that is beautifully close. Essentially, these two combine to a degree but the subsurface shader has a tendency to glare(produce more light) angled towards the origin (0,y,0) (<-This isn’t a smiley face). This happens with lights, both point and spot lights that are on the same plane as the sprites.

I know a solution would be to not use subsurface and have the lights on a different y plane so the sprites light but the mechanic and result is way different. These two systems are agonizingly close to working together but the origin issue seems to me like it would have an easy fix, any feedback would be appreciated.

I noticed it is similar to the effect that point lights have on the DefaultLitSpriteMaterial that is in the Paper2D content. Version 4.6.1