Paper2D: Autotile tilemaps?

Hi, I’m currently making a 2.5D game. To create maps, I use tilemaps, with tilesets that have been turned into “blobs” (tilesets containing every possible corner and edge).

However, it’s been really tedious having to place every tile by hand, and my workflow would be greatly improved if I could somehow auto-tile my maps based on the tiles around a “base” tile (tile with no edge essentially).

This is an external article on what I’m trying to accomplish, but not within UE4.

I know other game engines have this feature built-in or through plug-ins. Is this effect achievable within UE4? It would help me greatly.

Thank you for reading!

UE4 doesn’t have anything like that built in. You might be able to build that in a piece of software that supports it and import the entire map. Tiled allows for importing of entire maps, but Im not sure that has the functionality that you need.

So making 2d tilemap games better in unity, because without this feature procedural maps are not makeable…