Paper2D: Anyone know why the ingame color is less vibrant than in editor?

So I have this issue with Paper2D where the colors appear really washed out when in play mode. I’ve matched the in editor version with the original image and the colors are right. But for some reason, the in play mode looks drastically duller.

There aren’t any weird camera post rendering effects on, camera is set to orthographic. I’ve turned off bloom and auto exposure for safe measure, neither seemed to be effecting it. If anyone has any ideas on the cause of this, would definitely welcome the help.

I think this is due to the level lighting. It also happened to me and so I played with the light a bit and got it perfectly fine.

Cant find any lighting setting that has any effect on the sprites, the materials they’re using are the default MaskedUnlitSpriteMaterials, so I would have thought that any lighting shouldn’t be impacting these?

Disable the tonemapper and you should be fine <3.

Thank you so much Ninjin, works perfectly :slight_smile: