Paper 2D + static lights. Is this possible?

Hey peeps!

So, my question is pretty simple:
Can I use Paper 2D sprites/flipbooks and static lighting?

I’ve been through the forum and answer hub, and still haven’t got a solid answer for this.
At the moment my sprite material allows me to receive Stationary and Dynamic lighting. However, this is pretty heavy, and significantly slows down my game.

From what I understand, Static light is burned in UV channel of a static mesh, and Sprites do not have one.
Is there any workaround for this? Can static light be projected on sprite, if a special material is used?

What would be the best sprite setting as well? I’ve read that making a sprite static would increase the performance.
Does that have any relation to lighting, or lights and meshes/sprites mobility does not affect each other?
Is there something else I could do to improve performance?

Would really appreciate any help or ideas.

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