Panoramic Twist 360 video playback

Hello Community!

I was curious on if it’s possible to get a better stereoscopic 3D effect with 360 video playback in UE4?

I apply the standard sphere in the center with the camera in the center of the sphere as well and get the video playback, but I just cant really achieve a 3D effect from the video.

I looked into this link here

But I’m unsure how to apply this(or if it is needed to be applied) to UE4.

If anything, is there any sort of guidelines/answers to getting a full 3D effect to work in 360 videos in UE4?

You should check out the Stereo Panoramic Capture plugin as it can do what you are looking to do. The docs for this will be coming out shortly but you can read up on how to use it using the following link.

This can apply to playing a 360 video in UE4? When seeing this, it looks like it’s only for capturing stereoscopic video from UE4 to a video file. I’m trying to play a video in UE4. Apologies if you’re telling me the same thing here :stuck_out_tongue: . If it can do so, I have no clue where to start with it. I’m assuming there’s some sort of PP effect to achieve this with the Blends?

Essentially, I’m trying to apply a Stereoscopic effect on a media texture that’s applied on a sphere for 360 video playback in UE4. Sorry for the posts. I just want to be as clear as I can :frowning:

Ah for some reason I read that as you wanting to capture 360 videos. If you want to play 360 videos back, you can do that, but you will need to construct a Material like the one in the attached image. 834d1e9e3c7a0d6ad15bdcde0e4bab3c4a9d6c29.jpeg

You will then need to check our the Media Framework docs to see how to get a movie playing inside UE4.

Awesome!! question though: For left eye and right eye 2D parameters, what is happening there? I applied this material, but no effect. the left eye and right eye I just simply applied the same video to both of them. Is there some sort of offset I need to do to the two media textures?

For a video you will need to change the output so that it is only using one of the Texture samplers like in this image.


If that does not work then the issue might be with the setup of the video file itself. If you have not read the write up on how to use the plugin you should as it has a lot of useful inforamtion about how to get your content to play as a 360 video.

Ok soo loootta things happening here. do the TextureCoordinate notes have anything different happening to them? Are both UV values 1?

The scalar Parameters, what values are best fit to achieve the effect?

Video file should be fine. It’s a 360 video at 30 FPS in a .mp4 format. Stitched pretty darn seamlessly.
Which plug-in? The Stereoscopic Capture plug-in? or a different plug-in?

If possible (if not too much to ask), do you have an example project I can take a look at? I’m trying to play with the 0_Left_1_Right and Isolate values and weird things are happening. one eye is stretched and the other isn’t .


You should not have to change anything to get it to work as I took that from my working example.

If the video is already stitched and working then you should be all good to go. The article that I was talking about takes you through all aspects of 360 content creation and playback in UE4 so that is why I suggested reading it as it has a lot off good information. You do not need to use the plugin to play 360 content, just to capture it inside UE4.

Unfortunately, I can not release what I have as I do not have the rights to the videos that I used for testing this out. However, I have been working on making something I do have the rights to so I can release an example of this.

Those are just debug parameters to see if what I had was working or not. I left it in a working state so if it is broken I am not sure why. If I have some time later today I can look into why this is not working and post a working version.

Ahh alrighty. It’s quite broken on my end :frowning:

I’ll look at it a bit more. It’s good info, but more revolving around capturing in UE4

Bummer :frowning: . At least there’s something in the works :smiley:

Ohhh ok. I thought it was adjustments for anything :(. That would be stellar if you can post a working one :D!! I look forward to it! I’m sure people watching on this forum will be happy about this too!

Hello Sam!

any light shed on this issue??

I have not had the time to look into this as I am still waiting on the 360 video to finish up rendering. Unfortunately on Friday I ran into a bug that I needed to fix and that ate up a large portion of my time. As soon as I have some free time I will look into this.

No Problem Sam. Do what you got to do first ^_^!


Random question: What if i had two recorded videos (one for left and one for right) and applied something like this material? Would that work better for the stereoscopic effect???

Yes, you could get that to work but you could run into issues with the playback going out of sync. This Friday we have an Epic Friday and for my Epic Friday project I have put some time aside to get this finished up. As soon as that is completed I will then be able to post a completed project that has both a stereo image viewer and movie player in it.

Hmmm, interesting. I’m assuming it has to deal with something with the Media Framework? Or when starting the videos on the stack (ex. BeginPlay->PlayVideo1->PlayVideo2)?

Awesome! Hope your project for Epic Friday goes super well! I look forward to your results with the stereo image viewer :slight_smile: !

The problem is that if at any time for any reason the videos go out of sync then the user will need to close the app and start it again. It is not likely that this will happen but if you have both the left and right eye in the same video you can ensuser that this will never happen and that is a better option.

With the help of Chris Babcock I was able to get Top Over Bottom video working using the the following shader setup.


You will need to set the UV Coordinates node up with the following values.

UTiling: 0.999
VTiling: 0.5

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you for the reply! I tried out this shader and uh… well Looks like it’s a dramatic effect from top to bottom D:



I assure this sphere is also unwrapped as well.