Painted Foliage Lighting Issue


I’m experiencing an issue with painted foliage after the lighting is built. In the screenshot you can see the same foliage is placed as static mesh and shows different results when lit. The same objects either turn completely black or seemingly receive no lighting at all when painted with the foliage tool. I did a test in a smaller scale scene with only a few of these actors and the issue went away, so this only occurs on a large scale. I also get a message “The total lightmap size for this InstancedStaticMeshComponent is large, consider reducing” after the lighting is built. All the foliage items have a lightmap size of 128, set in the static mesh attributes. I’m using a static directional light and a skylight. I’ve read through similar threads, but found no answer to help solve this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

I would like to know about this aswell

I had this issue as well, I believe I fixed it by ensuring that the materials were set to 2 sided and on a subsurface shader model in 4.11.