Packaging breaks built lighting from procedural static meshes

I’ve created a blueprint that dynamically creates a stack of books. I can set number of books, how much to randomize rotation and position, etc, and it works very nicely. If I set the light mobility option for the ‘add static mesh component’ to static, then it even builds static lighting for the resulting meshes… but only for that editor session. When I reopen the editor or try to package the project, the blueprints all reconstruct their stacks of books and end up breaking the built lighting, forcing them all to be dynamically lit.

Is there a workaround for this? Like some way to keep the blueprints from recreating themselves each session, or some way to “bake” the dynamically constructed meshes into a static form?

Hey WereSalamander,

Could you provide me with some simple steps and screenshots to how you are spawning these blueprints…i.e. in Construction Script, Event Begin Play, or Custom Event?

Can you repeat this issue in a blank blueprint project using some simple steps so I can reproduce this issue on my end as well?

There is a setting which can allow movable and dynamic objects, like blueprint components, to account for static lighting. In the details tab of your static mesh component, locate the ‘Light as If Static’ option to see if that helps resolve your issue.