Package Lighting Overexposed

When packaging my project for MAC, the lighting in the editor is perfect. However when packaged, the entire game, scene models, and UI become overexposed. I am not sure why this problem is happening. I have a Directional Light that I baked from, then changed it to movable for dynamic shadowing. I also have three spot lights in the scene in the kitchen that are stationary lights. I have a post process volume in my scene which I have made many adjustments to see if that would fix the problem. I also have a Lightmass Importance volume in my scene as well. I have looked in to this problem for hours now and have found nothing on it. Please Help!!!

In Editor Viewport

In Packaged Game


This could be cause by a few different things, but to clarify this is a Mac project packaged for Mac alone and not for a mobile iOS project, correct?

This honestly looks like a Post Processing ‘Auto-Exposure’ issue since your image appears washed out. You mention however, you set your Directional Light to Movable, after baking the lighting, which is going to discard the lightmap and shadowmap information. Stationary Directional Lights still support dynamic shadows and lighting.

Have a quick read through the documentation on Stationary Lights to see if you find information in there beneficial for your particular issue.

Stationary Lights

Let me know if you have further questions, or need additional assistance.


I am packaging for MAC only for now. I am not sure it is an Post Processing ‘Auto-Exposure’ issue. I turned the setting off and I still have a washed out image, even the HUD is washed out.

As I mentioned, you seem to have baked your lighting and shadows with a stationary directional light, and then changed it to movable. Whenever you change a lights mobility type, you need to rebuild to see what it will look like while packaged.

As soon as you changed your light’s mobility type to movable, after baking your lighting, all of the baked information is going to be discarded when you rebuild and package.

Keep your directional light at Stationary, as they still support dynamic shadows. This is why I gave you a link to the documentation in my previous post, so you can understand lights and their mobility types a bit better.

Let me know if you have further questions.