Overlapping uvw error

Ok so i have come across many “overlapping uvw” issues but they are mostly for earlier unreal engine versions which were fixed by pressing some buttons in the mesh editor that dont exist anymore.How do i get to fix that then.Can someone help me with that? I saw a picture showing “ticking” a box in the importing fbx menu but thats ticked for me so i saw no diference,same error as before.

(im talking about the build lighting error btw)

Hi Timos,

Have a look at our Wiki Lighting Troubleshooting and Tips guide here: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Epic Developer Community Forums

The process changed in 4.5 (a while ago) and the new method is detailed here for how to generate a lightmap.

There are still some limitations with the lightmap generation method though. It will not create any new seams in your UV. It will only re-pack the existing texture UV (UV0 in Unreal, or UV1 in modeling programs).

It’s best to have at the very least a setup texture UV that is broken apart and flattened in order for the re-packing of the lightmap UV to work correclty without overlapping seams.

I hope this helps.


Flattening the uv is quite fast and effective it seems,will take a look at the wiki for further info as well.Thanks a lot!