Overblown lighting on a static mesh

I’m having this strange issue where I have just this one object in my scene, and the lighting for it is extremelyb lown out. However if I move down by like an inch, then the lighting for it is fine. I attached screenshots to show what I mean. Is there a way to debug and see what could be causing this? I don’t think it’s overlapping with anything that could be causing it, but at the same time it seems to be sensitive and only happening in certain locations.

The mobility is set to movable because I want the fridge door to open. As for lighting, all I have is a skylight that is set to stationary. Thanks for any kind of help you guys might be able to provide!

Movable components interpolate their indirect lighting from lighting volume samples that are placed automatically by Lightmass. You can visualize these with Show->Visualize->VolumeLightingSamples.

It looks like light is leaking from outside when interpolating to where the movable component is, probably on top of the roof. Typically we fight this by simply placing more samples. In WorldSettings->Lightmass you can control the density with VolumeLightSamplePlacementScale.

By default Lightmass will only place volume lighting samples densely on top of shadow casting surfaces. You can place a LightmassCharacterIndirectDetailVolume in the level to force it to place them anywhere. Of course, more samples increases your memory usage (sample memory can be seen under ‘stat memory’).

The default interpolation mode for movable components is to use a single interpolation at the bounds center. You can also set IndirectLightingCacheQuality on the component to ILCQ_Volume to get a 5x5x5 volume of interpolation points, so that indirect lighting varies over the object.

Awesome, thanks! This definitely helped me understand what was going a lot better. I turned on the VolumeLightingSamples and the fridge was definitely getting funky in areas outside of the light samples. I added a lightmasscharacterindirectvolume only in the kitchen area to get more samples as you suggested, and everything seems to be working wonderfully now. Thanks again!