Outline material "shaking"?


I have added a feature through adapting a tutorial by Titanic Games to add an outline effect to items and NPCs, namely the ones that are closest to me.

Now whereas I don’t use any of the code or the functionality in the tutorial, I do use the outline material he shows and it gives the desired outline effect, but it also causes the item to appear to be “shaking”. Ie, the outline vibrates quite rapidly for some reason.

Here’s a picture of the material (taken from the tutorial as best I could):

I apply the material by function through use of blending in the post-processing volume. I’ve tried playing around with the variables but they don’t seem to change anything.

Does anyone have any idea what is causing this “shaking” effect? Or perhaps have a source for an alternate material I could use? I tried getting hold of the one that came with the starter content earlier, but what I found was broken and unusable and I’m not really that good with materials myself so recreating something on my own is not really an option for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Silly me, just fixing my google search terms led me to the answer:

Still have a problem with the outline being too heavy but I think I should be able to adjust that.

If anyone is still wondering, I found a solution: you need to set the material blend mode to “Before Tonemapping”. This fixes the shakyness completely

Thank you Delta! Other than a few edge cases this method works! I would consider this the better option than just switching AA methods.

^* Blendable location