Orthographic camera setup, to get shadows


I made a mistake and started to use Unreal Engine to make a pixelart game with isometric view. I want to use the orthographic camera projection, but I didn’t manage to get shadows. Static shadows appear when i disable lumen, but the resolution is very low. The bigger issue is the complete lack of dynamic shadows and GI. Even with lumen. I tried a few settings, and I noticed that changing the near clip plane on the camera to be around -300 will let some shadow show but only if the camera and the directional light source are in certain angle relative to eachother. I tried forward and deferred rendering, both act the same. I don’t want to use perspective camera because i can’t change the FOV small enough to achieve perfectly flat isometric image, and pixelation will show even the smallest perspective distortion. I was thinking of making completely custom shadows, by rendering depth from camera and the light, but I’m not sure if it can be done. Can someone help please?