Optimize textures issue

optimization related question. I have minimal optimization skills but am learning. Having opened the monitoring of video memory, I observe its load. and noticed that looking towards where virtually no objects are rendered, the video memory is loaded at 1.5 gigabytes. I have 2gb memory so at some point ue4 craches with “out of video memoty trying to allocate the texture etc”. according to the idea, since there is nothing to render, then all the textures should be loaded into RAM. as I understand it. It will be very interesting to know how it works to understand the principles of optimization. any articles are also possible.

Hi, any asset you have open in your editor will use up video memory (so with 2gb, keep all asset windows closed when you’re not currently working on them). Also any other program you have open can use up video memory. And for textures UE streams them Texture Streaming | Unreal Engine Documentation

And you might wanna check the “stat commands” Stat Commands | Unreal Engine Documentation

Basically you could start with “stat memory”