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Thanks Victor!

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Works! Thank you Victor.

In Project Settings → Platforms → Windows → Targeted RHIs → Default RHI. Change from DirectX 12 to DirectX 11.

I assume it’s default is set to dx12 for nanite to work with ue5 (since I think dx12 is now a nanite requirement)


I took a few months off of hobbying game design and stuff to get a job and after getting stable there I’m back to see UE5 full release and wasn’t sure if i was gonna set up VR for dev again just yet, and using OG oculus headset i’m gonna wait till this issue is fixed for that.

Guess glad some people move away from dev so I have to learn how they built stuff for a inventory system i wanted to expand and reacquaint myself with Unreal. I need to short term goal stuff or i overwhelm myself with projects.

@VictorLerp Has anyone suggested to tweak project settings yet? Cuz all I’ve been doing so far is setting up VR Template to have best performance and compatibility possible. It’s tiring to wait on constant Editor restarts and shader compiling.
I can provide settings when I am finished, if you are willing to take a look and potentially incorporate it into the next release, to save other people headaches.


That’s what this thread is all about! Feel free to post your suggested settings and we can discuss what you’ve changed, why, and if it should be default or not :slight_smile:

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Alright, let’s try this one: DefaultEngine.ini - Google Drive

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@motorsep for me at least, The DefaultEngine.ini would be more instantly useful if you shared the diff, rather than the whole file.

Install KDiff and diff it :wink:

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So to stop DX12 crashes in the VR Template solution for now is DX11 and wait for hotfix ?

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Has the DX12 problem been resolved with 5.0.1?

No but the fix has been submitted to the repo and will be shipped in 5.0.2.


Any word on performance improvements for Quest 2 ? UE5 project converted from 4.27.2 runs on Quest 2 at less than half fps than the original one (solid 72 fps for UE4 vs spotty 24 fps for UE5.0 ) :frowning:

Hey Victor any idea if/when the new features UE5 has shown off will render correctly in stereo for vr? We’re grateful for your work on the vr template but it’s disappointing how vr seems to be neglected for so long when it comes to new features and engine improvements.

New features like Nanite/Lumen ? I doubt that as those requires deferred renderer and computational power to run well (although still below required for VR fps)

Does Niagara work for you in 4.27.2 in VR (both PC VR and Quest 2)?

Check the thread i linked. As far as im aware it’s not working, though i haven’t tested recently all features listed there. This has gone on for years now since niagara was first introduced.

Im sure epic could fix many things if they wanted and honestly basic stuff like water, clouds and niagara should have been by now. Just because vr has some performance issues doesn’t make it a reasonable excuse for not at least rendering correctly in vr.

The deferred renderer has many features you might want in vr projects and there are ways of getting enough performance out of it like nvidia dlss for example. Though i would be curious to try epics own upscaler and see how it compares, presuming it works of course…

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PC VR isn’t where money is and while it’s possible to get deferred running well in PC VR, it will require more beefy hardware than many people have. As for mobile VR (which is where money is and will be), forget about deferred rendering on that hardware.

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Niagara and Volumetric clouds both work in Stereo as of 4.27 and haven’t regressed in 5. I responded in more detail on that thread, but if you can reproduce it please provide the steps for us to do so.

Lumen and Nanite are a different beast entirely, and while we’re working on making them functional in Stereo, to hit 90 fps on the average gaming PC, let alone mobile which doesn’t have the hardware to support it yet, will take some time.


Thanks Victor that’s great to hear. I didn’t see any mention but i guess everyone kind of doubted any improvement after so long. The last time i checked anything was just lumen and nanite in 5ea. I think niagara getting fixed is a good sign epic do still care about vr even if it’s low on the list.

While lumen and nanite would be great to see as well it was mainly the features you’d most expect to work i was hoping for like niagara, water, clouds and virtual building tools.

I am not sure if it’s OpenXR issue or Oculus issue, but I figured I’d ask here since Oculus is no rush to look into this: UE4 OpenXR capacitive touch input issues (bug repo... - Oculus Community - 958598

By chance, would you happen to know @VictorLerp ? It’s the same in UE5 I believe.

I’m getting freezing in VR Template (4.27) after running the project in VR Preview mode a few times. The freeze happens after exiting the project the third of forth time. The editor then becomes completely unresponsive and I have to quit out using the task manager.

My VR setup is Windows Mixed Reality (Lenovo Explorer). Am testing just the default VR Template.

Wondering if anyone else is experiencing same?