OpenXR VR Template | Feedback and Discussion

We’ve redesigned the VR Template for OpenXR and we invite you to join us in this journey towards standards for VR and AR development!

Check out the DOCUMENTATION for information on supported devices and systems.

Feel free to ask your questions, submit feedback, bugs, and experiments in this thread!

Livestream September 2nd @ 2PM ET:


  • Dynamic Shadow Distance has to be set on the Stationary Directional Light for Dynamic shadows on Oculus Mobile.
    • Modulated Shadows with Mobile Multi-View = True is currently not supported, but we’re working on it!
  • Oculus Quest and Vive Controller models aren’t aligned due to incorrect model origins
  • If using an HP Reverb HMD, Device Visualization will display Oculus Touch Classic Controllers
    • This is due to the interaction profile for the HP Reverb better resembling an Oculus Touch Classic controller rather than WMR.
    • FIX: Enable the HP Motion Controller Plugin and add HP Motion Controller inputs

The new VR template is great and a big step up in the right direction. It would be amazing if more functionality and features are introduced in the future. I think the following features would be great:

  1. Interactive UI on the spectator screen

  2. C++ VR template

  3. Full body VR IK

  4. WebXR support if possible

Looking forward to more VR content!

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Say whaaat?! Nice!

How is the performance on Quest 2 ? Is it only for directional light ?

Dynamic shadows on Quest are still very expensive - it would be difficult to design a full game with
dynamic shadows, but it could be used for simple stuff with very few draw calls (model viewer, etc).


It’s great to see support for VR still taking place…things have been quite lacking in regards for VR for quite some time. Looking forward to all the updated VR features as they come.

Currently I’m still using UE4.26 for VR for now until the many Plugins I use are updated for UE4.27… OpenXR looks to be the answer for VR going forward.


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Hey @BladeMaster! While the Template itself won’t see many feature updates since it’s intended to be bare-bones, we’d like to provide content examples for VR. They can get as complex as we want them to be, and can continue to receive new feature updates.

Feel free to continue to drop your VR Content Example suggestions in the thread as you think of them.


I thought the vr page was gone until i found a thread in the latest section…

Hardly anyone will know what xr development is and it’s less visible under platforms now. Can you please put vr back in the title at least? This forum is quiet enough as it is.

Also kind of related but for a long time now it feels as if epic are neglecting vr. Many things are breaking or not being supported as time goes on. I don’t think anyone expects everything to be well performing but it should at least render correctly in vr for both eyes.

Thanks for the work on the template @VictorLerp, please convince people at epic to improve vr in general as unity is starting to become more vr friendly compared to unreal now.

Edit: Just finished watching the stream you two did. Very interesting and the template looks great with some really good features. It’s nice to see vr getting a bit of attention again. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Will do, thank you!

Does it mean that Oculus Quest won’t work with the template? I run the template, but I can’t see hands and I can’t grab. But I can teleport… how/when it can be fixed?

The template has been verified to work for Oculus Quest. Can you provide some more details on what your problems are?

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