Open world RPG

Hey everyone!
We are working on “The SoulKeeper”, an open world RPG, and we just released our Pre-Alpha 2.0 Trailer, and seeing how inspiring and cool the UE community is (always has been, since the UE1 days) we thought to share the trailer with everyone here as well :slight_smile:
We still got a lot of work ahead of us, but here you can catch a quick glimpse on our WIP:

We will be using this thread to share with you a lot more content, including screenshots as well as more detailed WIP information (renders, blueprints, WIP shots taken straight from the editor, techniques etc.)
Also attaching some screenshots, hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:

This look amazing! Can’t wait to give t a go!

Only thing I can say you need to improve is the combat system… It seems as if the sword goes through the enemy and doesn’t actually make any contact?

Maybe it’s just me!

great guys i love the art but hope you will improve the combat system

Thank you both for the comments! :slight_smile:

100% agreed on the combat…we still got a long way to go with that. We are currently experimenting with different implementations not only as far as mechanics go, but also as far as collision and hit detection are concerned, as well as animation blending and of course AI.
We believe good melee combat is hard to achieve, so we got plans for the future to involve the UE community more in the process as well, by releasing some playable demo focusing specifically on combat, allowing for some constructive criticism and ideally resulting in a solid combat system that can make everyone playing with it happy. :slight_smile:

Looks real solid for a pre-alpha. I loved the knee-slide-into-attack animation!

Looks really great. Very well done on the lighting and effects especially.

@Blindeh thanks! We are planning to make combat sort of acrobatic and spectacular looking, but without overdoing it too much. So far we have been using Mixamo’s animation library and it has been great to work with!

@IrishKilter thanks, we sure spend a lot of time trying to get the lighting right. So far the biggest lighting challenge has been with foliage, we are still experimenting with different settings trying to achieve a result as realistic as possible. Epic’s Landscape Mountains has certainly been very helpful in the process though.

Posting some more screenshots, again from the same assets/levels shown in the trailer, enjoy and of course any feedback is always much appreciated ! :slight_smile:

Super cool. Awesome work this far into it!
I’ll have my eye out for this one to keep watch on progress :slight_smile:

I think this looks very nice DonMorti.

I like the effects, but some of it might be a little too potent. Toning it town slightly might give a better feel (At least from the videos). Without getting my hands on, I can’t tell how much it is taking over from visually being able to witness what else is going on (Specifically in intense combat situations).

Either way, I liked the visuals and look forward to seeing this get further along.

Looks great for pre-alpha! I would agree with Creelin, though. The fire and magic effects look over powering… at least in the video. Coming along nicely though!

@Demrok, thanks! :slight_smile:

@Creelin & Xraygunner, thanks for the feedback. Agreed spells might have been a bit too strong in the version we used for the video, both visually and gameplay-wise as well.

Great environment, looks like AAA game:)

Looking good! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

@bitande, order66 thanks! Btw both of you have been producing some really cool stuff, I have checked it out on the marketplace, really cool stuff, melee combat and RPG BPs, how could one not like that :smiley:

I would play it also. Looks very great and has a Elder Scrolls feel to it from what the video showed me.

Thanks BIrvin!

And here is one new update on some stuff we have been working on…
More to be posted soon.

I 2nd Bitande on his comment! Amazing! :smiley:

Is this your company’s first project? This is very good quality!

Your environment artists are outstanding.

Thanks for all the comments! :slight_smile:

@Sandsponge, this is the first commercial project, but we have been around for quite a while (using UE since first generation, had a total conversion -again named The SoulKeeper- for UT2003/4 in the UE2 days, also won an IGF nomination in 2006, then developed our own engine between 2009-2012, and finally commenced the commercial iteration of The SoulKeeper in March 2014 with UE4’s availability.).