Open world RPG

Good work.
I hope you guys this time will release the game.

It looks really really good. Is this game gonna support co-op ?

Glad to see UE4 has finally given you guys the tools to make such amazing progress. The Art is on point and look forward to more. :slight_smile:

Looks amazing guys! keep me posted!

Thanks for the great comments! @=Rund0wn=, no plans for co-op at this point, sorry :confused:

And another screenshot that we just published for another #screenshotsaturday :slight_smile:

And another #screenshotsaturday update from us. This time we are posting a dark, indoor environment in contrast with the bright outdoors we had in the previous updates. Just another proof of how awesome and versatile UE is!!

It really looks incredible!

Amazing work! This looks incredible, I will follow and most definitely support the project, good work guys. Looking forward to seeing more in future.

Amazing lighting, kudos to your artist.


Seriously… I want!

Do you build all the assets by yourself or do you buy some as well?

@Innos, @ sh1pwr3k, @apoisonedgift many thanks!
@siebencorgie everything you see in that scene is made by our art team, meshes, textures/materials. The flame particle though is from the marketplace, it’s “Environmental Fires” by Thomas Harle, it is an amazing and very realistic looking package ( Unreal4 Fires on Vimeo ) highly recommended.

Hey DonMorti, this looks absolutely stunning. My team are working on a commercial open world RPG as well for almost a year now. Would you be willing to exchange contact info (Skype, Mail)? I’d love to ask about a gazillion things about how you did various stuff, and I might be able to assist you with some snag you’ve run into possibly?

Keep up the good work!

@DamirH thanks! Sure, always happy to talk to any fellow UE developers :slight_smile: Send me a PM and we can sort out the contact details.

Happy #screenshotsaturday from The SoulKeeper :slight_smile:

Love the attention to detail and quality you have going on. Absolutely beautiful.

Thanks @Keiyentai :slight_smile:

Will be waiting to check this out! Let me say, your skill effects are exactly how I imagined I would personally have in my own game. The way they flow, lighting,contrasts are on point (in my head I especially love fading (Misty) looking skills). Great work!

Amazing town very beautiful.

//Soul Keeper font very awesome.