Only Half Sphere Trace Works?

Weird issue I’m having. For some reason, The sphere trace I have running on the object will only Identify anything RIGHT of the AI. Anything left will not identify. I do have a sphere trace for object on the AI, but I’m unsure why this is happening :(.

Identifys Right side:

No Chasing Left:

Service to check if player is there called Search_For_Player:

Behavior Tree:

any help would be great :frowning:

Just bumping this question up :/.

You are tracing a sphere from your Actor to the upper right corner (Actor location + 1) = (x+1,y+1,z+1)
What you could try is create a visibility “Sphere Component” on your Actor and call “Get Overlapping Actors” in the Service

Hope this helped you out :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll give this a try tonight :).