Only 20 FPS with everything hidden (black viewport)

Hello, i have very low FPS in my project , however i hide everything , my viewport is black.

When i create a new third person project i have 120 FPS with raytracing.

Plz help me…

my settings are lowest as possible and everything is hidden, the gpu profiler dont show anything more than 0.62 ms for the scene

Hi, GPU is only one possible bottleneck. Other two are the draw thread and the game thread. What’s the result of the console command “stat unit” and “stat game”?

**That is the result:


Yeah… you’ve got some seriously heavy logic running on tick and it is killing your frametime.

Yep, if you already know where this is coming from, then change/remove that logic. If you don’t know, you could use the Frontend Profiler How to improve game thread CPU performance in Unreal Engine - Unreal Engine

And look under game thread → … → Tick Time and where the time (Inc Time (MS), that is how much it takes up per frame in milliseconds) is going there.

I have copy my project and try to delete one by one the assets present in the scene to see which is responsable of the drop of FPS, i found a trigger box which was called in the level blueprint, i deleted it and now i have 120 fps when i hide all, so it is OK for me.

Now i just need to implement a distance based normal mapping and distance based tesselation for my landscape material to increase the FPS up than 40 when the landscape is shown.