One level not rendering on Oculus


I’m having a strange problem which is causing one level in my game not to render on the Oculus. It renders fine on the Vive and it works on both devices in PIE. It’s only in the packaged game I’m getting the problem. The level itself loads and the audio plays. It also doesn’t work in Standalone Game. When I press my hotkey to switch between stereo on/off I can see the level loaded on the mirror screen and I can move around using mouse and keyboard, but it doesn’t follow the HMD.

The main menu and the level before this one work great.

Any idea what might be wrong and how I can solve it?

Thanks in advance!

I’m 99% I’ve narrowed the problem down to the level itself. As I said before - it works on all devices in PIE. In packaged it works on Vive and Non-VR and on Oculus all the levels except for the 3rd one works. Tracking works as I can see the camera and hands moving when I toggle Stereo Off/On. Audio also plays, and the monitors in the Oculus work as I can see the backlighting turn on and off along with the stereo rendering toggling.

Did you solve this problem? I’m experiencing the same

I’m also experiencing this on 4.15; anyone have any luck?

I don’t know if this will be the same for everyone else, but we found the cause of the problem on our end.

We are using the Level Streaming system for our VR title, and just in the past day we set the sub-levels to be preloaded to help with load times. All of a sudden, packaged builds suddenly stopped rendering. After poring over commit logs and testing revision after another, we determined that having any sub-level preloaded prevented the parent level from rendering on the Rift.