Ok, I have a UDK City Level

And I’d like to import it to the Rocket Editor, but I am more than slightly noobish to this editor, and I’m running to some blocked walls due to a learning disadvantage. If there is someone who can help lead the possible import of the map from udk to UE4 much respect would be given to this humble and unworthy one.

Hi Steve,

For general content creation and importing, you can find workflow pipeline tutorials in the editor’s Help Documentation (Press F1 in the editor). We are still adding more, but it will explain how creation has changed and how to get started if you are a novice at Unreal in general.

Unfortunately, at this time there is no simple way to “drag and drop” UE3 assets directly into Rocket.

If there is another particular issue or something that is not covered in those instructions, please let me know and I will help you troubleshoot it.