Oculus VR Jam 2015 Test Thread

Hey guys,

I figured I would start up a thread where people can link to their projects for testing for the Oculus VR Jam.

Here is my project, an ebook reader for the Oculus:

And here is the latest apk:

Very interested to see the other UE4 creations, so post away guys!

Here’s my teams entry:

We Come In Peace …


Note: I’m guessing it only works with the following combinations since it’s using the MSAA hack:

Snapdragon with Kitkat 4.4.4
Exynos with Lollipop 5.0.1

Black screen for me. I can hear some sound. I have a Snapdragon on 5.0.1.

Black screen for me. I can hear some sound. I have a Snapdragon on 5.0.1.

Would love to know if anyone can run mine!

Submission page
Latest APK

Yep like I guessed only the combinations I mentioned work:

EDIT: tested both and both working :slight_smile:

Thought I’d post my APK for The Curator’s Mini-Museum of Natural History:

Link to shipping APK

It’s called mm_03 when installed. Pretty sure it’ll black screen too for some as I’ve also applied JJ’s MSAA patch.

So who’s gonna be my first tester then :slight_smile:

Let me know what you guys think!

robeastham - tested and working :slight_smile:

Sinoth I found Masterstroke fun to play but it showed how good the MSAA patch is - imagine Masterstroke without all those swimming lines around your meshes :slight_smile: (such a pity UE4 couldn’t get this to work with snapdragon and lollipop for the jam :frowning: )

Thanks so much for testing! It makes me feel a lot better knowing it can run on a device other than mine. I totally agree about MSAA – I decided to opt out due to my phone automatically upgrading on me. I hope the judges understand the state of UE4 at the time of the jam T_T

Here is our link:

We had some problems with the latest build and like every one else we where pressed for time. :smiley:
Hope you can get a glimpse of what we are after. We plan to build a much better version of this for release later on more VR platforms. It looked already so much better in the Rift then in the Gear.

Anyway; we had fun… and we wish you all the best of luck with your entry.

Here’s mine. Crazy ride to get this done. Too late to test but for those interested in seeing other peoples work.


The controls for Telegear are designed to be simple as it only utilizes the touch pad.

Single tap

Shoots a visual marker. These will stick to level geometry to help show you the way.

Tap and hold

Shoots a teleporter marker. These cubes will travel forwards until you let go. Aim at the cube to teleport to that location. Aim away to cancel teleportation. If the marker touches level geometry it will disappear.

Crime Watch Challenge Post Page](

Download the .APK

It was rough getting this all together, and we never really solved performance issues completely on the GearVR, but Timewarp hides up a lot of the framerate inconsistencies.

We tested a DualShock 4 connected over Bluetooth. You should sit in a swivel chair where you can turn 360 degrees freely.

Left stick : Move forward/backward Right stick: Turn around manually (only if you’re restricted in turning) L1

I guess it’s a little late for the testing but here’s our submission:

TightropeVR Challenge Post Link

APK Download



This game is completely controller-free. Details are below, in addition to the included tutorial level.

Forward Movement: Look down

Balance: Left/Right head roll

Turn: [TOUCHPAD] + Left/Right head rotation

Duck: Physically duck (utilizes Android sensors)

Launch cannon (Circus): “Yes” head nodding

Reset HMD Orientation (Circus): [BACK]

Tutorial Skip/Exit (Loading/Tutorial): [BACK]

Universal Menu (Circus): [Long-Press BACK]

Hi NobleSpoon I had a implementation question for you regarding the controls - the forward movement and duck controls in particular - where they just using the tilt commands in UE4? how did you tell the difference between ‘look down’ and ‘duck’ exactly? Really liked these controls and would be interested in knowing for future projects :slight_smile:

We were originally experimenting with a line trace with an invisible hit box attached in front of the player to trigger forward movement but we later changed it to use the HMD Pitch value from the breaking the HMD position and orientation node. We put some debug text in game to display the raw values to determine the min-max range and simply added a check to see if the HMD pitch was within that range to add forward movement. Fortunately, these translated the same for GearVR and DK2.

Ducking was trickier since the gravity values picked up by the android sensor don’t seem to be the most consistent. For this, we piped the raw gravity values to our debug text to determine the optimal value. This had been adjusted multiple times throughout development and it’s still far from perfect (will fire if you just look down fast enough). I believe the value we ended up using was 3. We just put the animation and camera movement on a 1 sec timer since returning from duck was too unreliable to detect with the sensor. I’m embarrassed to admit how many times I thought duck was broken when I was testing on the DK2… :o I’ll just blame it on the lack of sleep, lol.

We did this project using Blueprints. If it will help, I’ll post a screenshot of the movement and ducking stuff later today.

Great ideas there and it would be great to share that (as i’m also a blueprinter)! I’m sensitive to motion sickness with vr movement + traditional controls and find ‘leaning’ prevents it - hence this forward movement trick prevented ‘sickness’ for me :slight_smile: I was not aware the gearvr gave hmd pitch values via Blueprints else would have thought about adding some movement as well :smiley: Oh well for the next project!

As requested, here’s the details from our character BP for the forward movement and ducking used in TightropeVR. Not necessarily the most efficient approach but it got the job done in the time allowed. Let me know if you have any specific questions on either of these and I can provide some additional details to help you along.




Here is my Mobile VR Jam entry made with UE4 4.7 (special VRJam_4.7 branch, of course):

You are at the center of an immense dome of light, with a highly polished floor at your feet. You are free to look all around, and as you do so you can paint on the dome’s surface. And when you are done you can go to the next frame and paint again, until you have an animation that completely surrounds you.

Circumpaint was designed to work with either the GearVR touchpad, or the Samsung EI-GP20 controller, both under Kitkat. It was built with UE4 4.7.

Challengepost Page:


Final Video:

Milestone 3 Video:


  • Dave

Maker From Below

Congratulations to everyone! It’s amazing to see such diversity.

I present you the Mobile VR JAM version of Maker From Below.

Maker From Below is a first-person action game set in a science fiction desert environment. You play either as a smuggler or a sandworm. Smugglers have the goal to cross the desert and make it to the desert town. Sandworms have the goal to stop the smugglers.


I’ve just released a post (Jam) mortem:


Here is my submission, it’s called Fightlike.


It was intended to be a multiplayer online dungeon crawler however as I found out from Jstarrdewar the mobile platform doesn’t actually support multiplayer sessions so the servers must be hosted from a PC in order to play online. Due to time limitations I was also not able to figure out a clean way of inputing IP addresses with the controller so it requires a bluetooth keyboard in order to connect to said PC. Both of these being absolute no-no’s has placed me in a rather tough spot, not to mention that the final APK submitted was on 4.7.2 and I could only find engine source for 4.7.6 so at this exact moment a dedicated server build for the Jam entry has been put on hold. I’ll come back to it in a future build however. Anyways here’s some gameplay footage:

Final Jam APK Offline Gameplay:

Milestone 3 Local Host gameplay between three clients:

**VRJam Link: **

I’m sorry friends but on my SnapLolli it blackscreens. A couple jump straight into the Oculus home but for most of them the Audio plays and I’ve tried toggling the console on my bluetooth keyboard (i dont know why but that fixes some rendering issues) but sadly no luck. Once 4.8 hits and we get that proper MSAA support I would absolutely love to help any of you beta test your products. I’ve poured way too many hours into everything from CS to WoW so I can give you well thought out in depth constructive criticisms in terms of your game’s mechanics, where their shortcomings might be and how to improve upon them.

Runs just fine for me. I have a handful of friends that are nuts about disk golf so this one really hits home. I absolutely love the “Blink” fade to black concept, one of the most immersive transmissions I’ve seen so far out of the mobile jam. I too kinda got shafted in the forced upgrade department but as I mentioned in a previous post the judging criteria for the second panel of judges clearly states “Fun Factor / Gameplay” only so I hope they understand the situation we are in. The first panel however will absolutely be judging on visuals but there’s no way around that really. Besides I am sure they will overlook the MSAA. The only way they’ll really know that it is not there is if they load up your APK which is what they have to do in order to test something to make sure it doesn’t instantly crash just before they send it off to the second panel. Which is good! When they find out about the lack of MSAA that means you’re already on your way to the second panel! Also keep calm and hammer everything. Can’t wait to see this in the Oculus store.

I’ll be honest I was quite confused at first with everything that was going on. Eventually I figured it out and I am sure once you guys get further down the road you’ll have a nicer tutorial. All and all I feel your pain in relation to time frames. I would love to try this out again on a future build.

Thanks MrScratch. No sure why that happens. I only have a Snapdragon. When you say SnapLolli are you saying you tested on both?