Oculus Quest - Mic Input

Goal: Access microphone input on Oculus Quest to parse keywords via Sphynx plugin to drive gameplay.

Problem: Sphynx plugin builds to quest properly in older versions of UE4 (4.19 being the newest I could get for Android), fires a successful init, but does not receive any input from the Quest’s mic. Thinking that this could be due to 4.19 probably not supporting the Quest properly I tried to update the plugin to 4.23. Unfortunately I am unable to do so.

I am unfamiliar with C++, but I know that is what I need to use in order to achieve the goal that I am aiming for. Does anyone have any tips and/or advice on how to either update the plugin to 4.23 (for the Android version), or get the input for the 4.19 version working correctly. (Preferably the 4.23 solution if possible.) I assume that once updating the plugin to the 4.23 version I will still have the problem of the mic not being recognized.

Any help would be appreciated!