Oculus 0.7 SDK?

Will unreal have support for the 0.7 sdk when it is released?

I’m not entirely sure if it will be included in 4.9 or not. I don’t suspect it will be, although there might be a point release that implements it.

AFAIK at least the ‘direct driver mode’ should work as it only requires API version, see

There was a checkin around 2 weeks ago mentioning a refactor of the VR code in preparation for 0.7 which went directly into 4.9 so there is a decent chance that 0.7 will be part of 4.9.

Can confirm it works fine with preview 4.

yeah it ‘works’ as in Oculus0.7 runtime also supports the 0.6 SDK. We need UE4 to use the 0.7 SDK if we want to use all the latest features. Now that it’s released hopefully we will see the 0.7 SDK in UE4.9 final (and there are no undesired breaking changes)

works with 4.8.3 too

I do see artefacts while SLI is enabled on VR preview of my project, while in using Oculus DK2. basicaly some black patches blinking sporadically on left and right eye. UE4.9p4 0.7 SDK and nvidia 355.60 on 2x GT755M SLI system. I7-4700 MQ
My qestion is do you know if UE4 supports VR SLI as designed by Gameworks VR and is this supported in Oculus SDK 0.7 and also by UE4 4.9p4. If it is not supported, do you know any implementation road map . Thanks!

Hi Could some please confirm which Oculus runtime is required when a project is built with UE4 v8.3.


With 4.8.3 it should work with and 0.7.


The 0.7 integration is up on Github if you want to integrate it yourself into 4.9 :slight_smile:

Many thanks,

I have a strange issue, I’m using UE4 8.3 and Oculus runtime driver but when I launch my game the and enter ALT+Enter after the H&S warning the screen goes blank. Everything is set correctly extended mode.

The laptop is an Alienware so has a great graphics card, any ideas what I should look for?

Can you clarify what you mean by up on GitHub? Do you simply mean that the engine 4.9 source is up, or that some code changes related to Oculus SDK 0.7 integration are available for review/pull from somewhere?

yes a clarification would be great on that! also how would one go about integrating it? is it just a question of getting the code and putting it in the right folder of our build? 4.9 is so much more jittery for me than 4.8 was…I probably need to turn off some of the new graphics features? but maybe it’s a .7 integration issue also?

Just for official clarification, we’ve made all the necessary code changes to patch it on 4.9, so we’ll be hotfixing in 0.7 support soon. We’re doing some extra QA work to make sure there won’t be issues before releasing official support.

Do these changes offer any new features/benefits other than being on the latest SDK?

So does this mean that as of right now, the version of 4.9 I have does not work at all with 0.7? Or it works but not at the best? I’m asking because I am trying for the first time to develop for VR and I can’t seem to get it to work. I am using the 0.7 runtime on Windows 10

I does work with 0.7 runtime on Windows 10, I’m developing there myself. The 0.7 version supports as well and as of now, that’s the version 4.9 is using. To my understanding we’ll get a hotfix for 4.9 that will bring a full 0.7 support, with all of its new features. On my project there is an interesting problem (win 10 & 8.1) related to the new runtime. When I play a project from editor in a standalone mode, I HAVE to minimize the editor before the game starts, otherwise my game runs at something like 0.1 FPS and that can easily look like nothing is happening.

Someone can confirm that the 0.7 sdk is built in the 4.9 version ?? And if so …does it work on win 7 ?

Do I need to do something special to get it into the DK2? In the UE4 Wiki it just says to start the game and press Alt+Enter but doing that doesn’t seem to work for me :frowning: