Octopus Katamari-like

Hey everyone, I’m working on an entry for the Katamari Jam

Not too sure where I’m going with it yet, but that’s where I’m at so far! Hope you like it!

Still thinking about names. Maybe Oktomari, or Beautiful Calamri.

Haha, looks fun. Eager to see how this will turn out!

this is so nice, well done, i see a very good game! :smiley:

Great job Shanthosa! I think if Katamari and Octodad combined forces, this would be the game. Keep up the fantastic work and hope to more of this project as you progress along with the development!

Hey thanks guys! I’m really glad you all like it. I’m going to try to post a video a week going forward. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m going to have much of a game by the deadline for the Katamari Jam. I’ll be heading to Vancouver for SIGGRAPH right during the due date.

I do plan to keep working on it after that though :slight_smile:

Wow that looks cool!

I love it!

You could call it ‘Calamari Damacy’!

I love the climbing mechanics. This already looks quite polished.

Are the tentacles just bone chains with drivers?

this is cool, the tentacles make it :slight_smile:

Apparently quite a few people here at Epic are mesmerized by your octopus character. Do you happen to have a playable demo?

This looks highly entertaining! I would totally buy this.

The way you use the platforming mechanics are super interesting and I could see so many different ways to utilize them. Keep it up! (So I can play it :D)

@Alexander I can have a playable demo this evening. I’m really glad you guys are liking it :slight_smile:

@Handkor The octopus a skeletal mesh, and as you pointed out they’re joint chains with constraints on their PhAT-created physics bodies. The constraints for climbing are physics constraints with linear position drivers to make them springy (Not pictured in the video I linked).

I’ll get a new video out tonight or tomorrow when I have a bit more to show.

The movement looks really nice and organic! I’m surprised at how successfully you managed to keep the tentacles from penetrating things.

Great idea. I can already kind of hear the crazy Japanese jazz-fusion music from Katamari playing.

It really looks like fun!

That looks great! Great motion on the tentacles too (didn’t see it glitch once) There is something mesmerizing about watching an octopus roll around in a physically simulated environment :smiley:

This week’s progress:

I won’t be finishing in time to submit to the Katamari Jam, unfortunately, because I’m headed up to Vancouver for SIGGRAPH. But I plan to keep working on this! I’ve had so much fun building it, I plan to stick with it to completion.

Lots of improvements this week:
New climbing system makes it possible to move up vertical surfaces without going totally insane.
Added Caustics
Added environment particulates and bubbles on interactions to try and drive the underwater feeling. What do you think so far?
Fixed up lots of other physics things with interactions. Hopefully looking very smooth now.

Let me know what you think!

This is so cool.

This is looking so awesome Shanthosa!

Really glad you got that offset thing working (I’m Titus on Reddit), looks amazing :smiley:

Edit: You should make it Rift compatible at some point. That would be really cool.

Awesome, thanks so much for your help! I really appreciate it. Wouldn’t have gotten this far without your help.

I could see this working for a rift. Might have to get my hands on one to toy with.