Ocean shader

Current rendering system today is not so good for water surfaces (by the way, it could be better if we can use post-process with scene depth in scene capture actor), and I hope that its render will be extened in future. But even now we can get a result:

http://forum.hiazma.com/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-28790700-1396366036_thumb.jpg http://forum.hiazma.com/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-76654100-1396366044_thumb.jpg http://forum.hiazma.com/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-88429700-1396366045_thumb.jpg http://forum.hiazma.com/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-69609700-1396366050_thumb.jpg

Impressive! Is there still Fluid Surface Actor in UE4, or was it replaced by smth new? Just asking because haven’t subbed yet. Probably will do by the end of the month.

Is it so hard for this engine to have realistic water?

Looking good!

Looking really great!

I haven’t been able to find it if it’s there :frowning:

ufna, you are always amazing!!

If only I had time to do some ocean work…

No lol, it depends on your skills.

I’m glad you like it, guys! :slight_smile:

Not yet. I plan to add my own, optimized for big ocean surfaces (previous UE3 version wasn’t suitable for that), but a bit later.

I wish you have time for your own projects :wink: I liked zBioBlow.

Great looking stuff here :slight_smile: are you the guy behind SeaCraft? I was super excited about that game… what happened to it? I didn’t keep up with the news :rolleyes:. Anyways cool stuff.

That sounds really sweet! I would absolutely love to see something like that released on the marketplace (if you plan on doing that).

aha :slight_smile: I’ve developed three UDK-based projects for mobile last year and now relaunched the development of SeaCraft with UE4. Alpha-version will be avaible this month.

I’m really excited of marketplace idea, and hope to share some works when it will be launched for developers.

Ufna, is there any good references to making the “water” more random and wavy?

teary eyes

Real waves will be there with FFT based on Phillips spectrum (check Tessendorf’s paperwork).

Ty ufna, ill read that then.

That’s why I love UE :slight_smile:

http://forum.seacraft.sc/ru/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-50653400-1397161118_thumb.jpg http://forum.seacraft.sc/ru/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-53044500-1397161119_thumb.jpg

Looks really good!

Do you might wanna share some details how you achieved that look?

Sure. Next week I think.

I am interested as well. I would be very grateful if you show how this is done.

job ufna!

Thanks, Jacky :slight_smile:

Few shots of subsurface scattering tests. By the way, this version is based on my old Gerstner waves approach. I’ve implemented it just for tests, because I prefer the variant you can see above.

http://forum.seacraft.sc/ru/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-01875700-1397420428_thumb.jpg http://forum.seacraft.sc/ru/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-45970700-1397420433_thumb.jpg http://forum.seacraft.sc/ru/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-18852000-1397420435_thumb.jpg http://forum.seacraft.sc/ru/uploads/monthly_04_2014/post-1-0-05950300-1397420437_thumb.jpg