Ocean shader

Fantastic Work!
The SSS looks great. Is it based on the light vector? It seems like one side of the wave is hardly effected?

Great work chap!

The specular highlights are the only part that really give it away, making it look kind of plastic. When you look at the closer waves, they lose the detail. It might be good to break those up with some tighter normals closer to the camera, fading them out as they get further away.

The SSS you have going on is magical though, nailed the colours!

EDIT: Also to JBaldwin above ^ You sir are a wizard and I eagerly await a UE4 DVD from you.

Because LightVector node is deprecated now, I use externally-driven light vector (which should be definined by LightSource bluepring in ideal case :slight_smile: ). The rude parameter values are applied at last screens to show the scattering, so it can look like the one side of the wave is hardly effected, but it’s not :slight_smile: Camera position and angle, surface normals and light vector are used to define the SSS value. F.e.: Screenshot - aceb456b047b4ad23bc1fa925098b44b - Gyazo and topdown view at the same XY position: Screenshot - 0db634076c9f51171e1c823f3cd903e8 - Gyazo

@ ufna - I see, thank you for the 2 screenshots too!
@TheJamsh - I have been called a wizard by someone else :confused: This wouldn’t happen to be the same person would it lol… There is no wizard here… Just a learning artist :wink:

Thanks :wink: And you’re right, I’ve not added so-called “microbump” yet. It will be done :slight_smile:

Btw I’ve just saw the hotfix of scenecapture actors post-processing on github, it sounds promising for depth-related side… :slight_smile: