Objects shadows look better before building lighting?

I have a problem where my object in unreal has more realistic shadows before i build the lighting, does anyone know a fix so that i can get my object looking like it does before the lighting is built, thanks.

Below is screenshot of what is happening :

Man, that image is a beautiful example of what’s going wrong. Worthy of being in a troubleshooting guide.

I looked into this a long time ago, but forgot what the different potential problems were. You should check your lightmap resolution first:

This thread might help you out as well:

Also check this one:

Sorry I don’t have a direct solution for you. Does your lighting build log have any warnings/errors in it? If you can’t find any, try posting it with your question here.


Well before bake it’s lit dynamically!! /that’s why it looks good! :wink:
…after bake… I’d say your lightmaps are way too low!! …maybe your lightmap uv-s are not correct either…