objects black on mobile (iOS) after lighting

Hi together,

i have a big problem that Unreal 4. I try to produce an app for iOS. I want to have objects without any environment around them. And these objects shuold be interactive.

The Problem is, that these objects aren’t rendert on my mobile preview and device. In the normal editor preview it works fine.

Picture 1 - Standard Preview Mode (objects moveable)

The left bearing object is my createt pawn with my own (simple) chrome materials. It has the ability to click on and it spreads (lower right corner). On the right side you see stantdard objects with the standard chrome material from the starter contend just for comparison. It is also a pawn. But it does not matter if you I simple static meshes. The light source is a single stationary directional light.

This is what my pawn does (right lower corner). So I have moveable objects in the componets section of the pawn.

If I built the lights and render this view in Mobile Preview I get this result:

Picture 2 - Mobile Preview (Objects moveable)

All objects are black

Picture 3 - Mobile Preview with ground (Objects moveable)

But if add a standard cube as a simple ground all objects are visible in Mobile Preview and on the device as well. But I don’t want a ground in the application.

Picture 4 - Mobile Preview without ground (Objects static)

The objects are visible if I change from moveable to static objects. But my pawn is not interactive any more.

After I read in some forums and here in the hub, I got hint to use a LightmassImportanceVolume (LIV) and scale it to a size of 10000. After I did, I get this:

Picture 5 - Mobile Preview without ground and LIV (Objects moveable)

I can see the bearing object with bad textures, but not the standard object. From the standard object I can only see the reflection of light.

So I’m really confused. Why has the engine problems to visualize those objects on mobile platforms. Or is it a mistake from me?


Mobile game development is not completely the same as PC/console development, since most of the mobile platforms use OpenGL ES, that didn’t support all features of the next-gen hardware. So please check whether or not you are using some of the unsupported features:

Also check Project Properties - Supported Platforms, Target Hardware and Rendering under Engine section to match closely your target platform.


I think that the last image you show (where you only see the specular reflection) shows exactly where your problem is. I don’t know what the materials on your “Bearings” object contain but if they were a pure chrome then they would look just like the “Standard” objects on the right.

Pure chrome only shows reflected environment. Your P.C. preview shows your “Bearings” object reflected on the “Standard” object.
The mobile preview shows no reflection at all. There are 2 reasons for this.

  1. There is no environment to reflect so it could only reflect black.
  2. The mobile preview requires you to add an sphere reflection capture actor to the scene and then you must update the reflections.

Still nothing showing up in the preview? There is a bug in version 4.6 where the reflection captures don’t render. This works in 4.7

Here are the steps again.

  • Get 4.7 preview.
  • Add an environment to your scene. A skydome and brown floor is the usual treatment for chrome.
  • Add a sphere reflection capture actor to your scene the select it and hit the “Update Capture” button in its properties.


  • In the properties of the skydome and the ground plane, set them to hidden in game. Leave them visible in the editor.


That should give you a nice chrome in a black void.


Thx for your help TeamKingdom,

I tried your solution, now that I got the 4.7 egine. Unfortunately it does not work. I built the scene like you said. I have my object in the “Default 'Szene” with BP_Sky_sphere and the “Atmospheric Fog” and a simple ground. I hid these Actors in game in the Rendering section. Rebuilt the lightning and caputered the “Update the capture” of the Sphere.

This is my scene:

It looks like that only the “Atmospheric Fog” is reflected. I have no clowds and now ground. If I put another actor in the game, like the chair from the props, it won’t be reflected too. Only the Fog.

This is my result:

And this is what I like to have: It is the preview of the “class blueprint editor”:

THX for your help!

Well it looks like you are getting a reflection at least. You might want to try using your own simpler sky dome to control your results better. You can also increase the ‘Influence radius’ and the ‘brightness’ of the reflection capture sphere. I’m not sure why you cant see objects reflected in your sphere. I didn’t have that problem when I set up a similar scene. Perhaps the chair is outside the Influence Radius of your reflection capture sphere?