Object not casting shadows on itself?

I imported a full computer desk with a computer and tablets on it, and while it casts shadows on the floor, when I built the lighting, it failed to cast any shadows on itself. Any reason why this is happening?


I think the desk’s lightmap resolution is VERY low.

I increased the lightmap resolution, but then after I built the lighting, my decals for the screens went away…

Sorry I thought you had problems with your desk’s shadows…
…what decals you mean? …what screen? Changing an object’s lightmap resolution will NOT effect other meshes in the scene… :S

Hi, Ethandale! Have you tried using movable lightning and does that fix the issue? :slight_smile:

…I’m not sure what quality/look you’re after but movable lights will NOT produce GI…

Oh, sorry, I should’ve specified…you were right, the lightmap resolution was at 16. I bumped it up to 1024, and it looks great now, in terms of shadows! I have two decals that are projecting text onto the computer screens…but after I build my lighting, unless I “select” the decal in the scene, they don’t show up. And when they do show up, they’re a weird gold color.

I don’t want to use movable lighting, I had success in the past with a static light. Makigirl was correct, it was just the fact that the lightmap resolution was too low. Now the decals are busted though.:confused: