Object movement using ARCore

hey there,
I’m working on an AR project using unreal blueprints and ARCore.
so far many things have gone pretty good till the point whenn I found it almost impossible to make an object move from one place to another using hit position.
I found a way to do it in Unity but that would require me to remake the project allover again from the start.
so is there anyway to do that even by using c++ code?

the link to the tutorial of exactly what I want to do in Unreal: Unity ARCore Pet Simulator Part 5 - Rotating in direction of movement tutorial - YouTube

How are you using hit position, is your object suppose to move where the user points on the screen?

yes, I want the object to move from a point to another where the player touch on the screen (which is reflected to the real world space)

If you have a spawned object I assume you spawn it using trace. Can you post your code or blueprints which doesn’t work?

I’m typically using the HelloAR blueprint example didn’t change the blueprint till now

You’ll need to modify that spawn trace used in the example to trace your spawned object, and when you hit one you enter a moving mode. You store the object you traced, then trace through it to find a plane, find hit position of that plane and interpolate current object position with that hit point.

that seem like a good plan but i’m still quite new to AR so I don’t know what to do exactly like how to make it trace my object and how to make it switch to moving instead of pawning new objects

I don’t have a working solution for this in bp, only in c++, I can post some bits from it if that would help.

any help would be great at this point.

Here I don’t trace once I found the object, I use users swipe to move object instead. In GetPointARGeometry you just convert screen position to world and trace as in WorldHitTest.
link text

I really can’t thank you enough for your help