Object black after certain height

Hey guys.
With a simple mesh and material, the pages are completely black even with direct point light, but after certain height it gets visible. As the opposite of the book, the table is on a lower level and it’s visible, but when I bring it upwards, it gets darker. No fancy materials or anything. Movable lights only (no skylight or directional light, only point and spotlights). Already tried reflection spheres.

Thank you.

It’s hard to tell from this angle but could it be that the object is higher than the lights so the top surface is not lit correctly?

Hey. No, the lights are ok. I was sure to put lights on top, under and on the side of all objects doing this kind of thing.

Did you have to build the lights again or is the table a movable?
I see now the book has the same issue in the image dw.png

I’m going to have a play later and see if I can recreate the issue.

Came across a couple of things to try.

  1. Try setting the light to stationary or movable so dynamic lighting is used and see if that helps. Stationary is better as static items can be baked then.
  2. In the Project Settings, go to Rendering and then to Default settings and turn off the Auto Exposure and see if that helps as well.

I have no idea if these will help but might help track down the cause of the lighting issues.

Thanks for the tips BGD, but I managed to find the problem. Looks like UE have some problems with smooth shading in Blender, so I just had to change to flat shading and now everything is ok.

Interesting and good to know. Could it be related to the normals or the normal map?