Object aligned textures how?

I need object (NOT world) aligned texture mapping. It should take the size from object coordinates (LIKE world aligned from world), ignoring UVs and should live in local object space so it sticks on the objects (NOT LIKE world aligned where you move and rotate objects through the mapping).
Pinning the position of the mapping onto the objects is easy:
simply subtract ObjectPivotPoint from AbsoluteWorldPosition and you get object space, BUT
rotation is very tricky. How to do it and get kind of 3samax “realworld” type mapping, sticking to the objects but scaled by object space?

Before you ask I’m getting a lot of runtime imported objects into the engine and need to assign aligned and real size scaled textures to them.

You need to transform the result of your subtraction from world space into local space using the Transform node.

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Leaving this here to not let other people lose time for nothing, its WorldAlignedTexture with small changes to make ObjectAlignedTexture, the only changes are in red.

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