obj exporter extension

Hey devs,

i tried to extend the OBJ exporter from UE4 for our internal toolchain which uses the same shading model like UE4 which is described under the following link. http://blog.selfshadow.com/publications/s2013-shading-course/karis/s2013_pbs_epic_slides.pdf.

I want to add to the exporter a full flatten material exporter which is able to export Base Color, Metallic, Roughness, Specular, Cavity, Opacity etc. as textures which unfortunality did not work.

The problem is that the textures become complete white or black after the export except of normalmaps, diffusecolor and specularcolor which i dont need.

What i actually want is a working export of RGBA8 BMP’s before i can implement a floating point texture export (R32F, RGB32F, RGBA32F) which will be able to export the floating point material constants to their appropriate material.

Please find attached the altered source code.

link text

Thx in adavance



It’s likely you use code that only has diffuse, normal and specular implemented as these are the most needed ones e.g. Lightmass or mobile flatten doesn’t require more than that (I think the flatten code was based on that). We only can give support for UnrealEngine code. Please investigate on you side and get back to us if you see a problem in our code.

How to use the attached files to export flattened diffuse texture?

I tried the exporting obj with texture but the .mtl file contains no texture.