NVidia HairWorks?

I’ve seen a few people ask about the AMD hair simulation tech and it’s integration into UE4 but i wanted to know if we may be getting Nvidia HairWorks, i think it’s looks and performs better than what’s offered by AMD after seeing it in the new Witcher game.

Here is a video demonstrating it:

That is perfect.

nvidia just released it to the public:

now we need a ue4 integration/plug-in !?

Im requesting SDK access, so I will see how I go.

both thumps up!!!

I already have SDK access but i haven’t messed with it yet, i will see if i can get around to it tonight.

But yes we NEED this in UE4 :slight_smile:

This will be great to have. The simulation looks awesome.

If CharlestonS is comfortable doing the integration, I might leave it to them, as we dont want to double up on the work. As I am still waiting on access. If I get it, it will probably not be until tomorrow, and then I wouldnt be starting on it until the weekend.

I know almost nothing about programming so i will leave it to someone who does, hopefully someone else can get this integrated.

I know you were working on the TressFX based hair integration but this may be a more straightforward and more robust integration?

It looks like Epic might already be ontop of this! :slight_smile:!2V0Ms

They didn’t actually announce they were adding Gameworks support—in another thread they had said they would be looking to add it as long as it works on both AMD and Nvidia hardware.

AMD is backing the CryEgine with their Mantle integration and NVidia is backing UE4 with GameWorks - I know Epic wouldn’t want to lose a user base because of video hardware favoritism so i’m sure the integration will work on both platforms - Judging from the past i’m pretty sure Epic and NVidia are working on the integration, DayLight which uses UE4 uses GameWorks libraries even though the game itself looked horrible the libraries were in there.

In the end both GameWorks technologies and AMD technologies will be implemented into UE4, either by Epic themselves, or the community, for example, I will still finish what I had proposed for TressFX and release to the community, in case someone doesn’t want to use NVidia’s HairWorks. And if Epic dont integrate HairWorks, I will integrate it myself and release to the community.

That would be awesome!

Rumors. If that would be true, we would know it first from trello :D.

Besides look at date of this news. It was just after UE4 launched to public.

This is cool tech for sure! But we won’t be integrating it directly into UE4 until we can get a cross-platform solution.

I tryed yesterday Hairworks and it works awesome! I can’t wait to implemented in UE4! :smiley:

So I can go ahead and integrate, and I wont be duplicating any effort?

@Ehamloptiran, would be awesome if you worked on this. HairWorks looks amazing (as does your TressFX work).

I love stuff like this because of how it allows indies to add a little bit of that AAA-quality flair, without the huge art costs typically associated with doing that.

Do it, do it, do it!