NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

That sounds like a daunting task. Are you working on it alone?

4.25 evry time crash when groom importing

Hi there, I am trying to create a custom built of Unreal Engine for my Studio and I want Gameworks Plugin to be installed there. I have downloaded Gameworks for ue 4.21 and I see there are plugin folders there containing Gameworks features. If I generate Visual Studio files from there and then rebuild it, will it install??

Anyone can help me on this issue and also I am willing to pay for the job done

Can I install HBAO+ plugin on existing ue 4.25 or 4.26 preview ?

Is it possible to use Flex with the latest version of UE4(4.25.4)?
I compiled Flex and it uses the compiled version of UE4(4.19), I would like to work with Flex in the latest version of UE4.

Is there a way to save the results of flex simulation, for example, in the running state, F8 select the model convert to static mesh, save to the hard disk, I am using UE4.20 + flex, very much in need of such a function, thank you!

If you are happy with just storing the Flex Particle Positions in a simple file than you can create your own function in a Blueprint function library somewhat like this (not sure about what includes are really needed):

Add to .cpp file:

#include “FileManager.h”

void UMyBlueprintFunctionLibrary::SaveObject(FString FileSource, UFlexComponent *FlexComponent) {

FArchive *FileWriter = IFileManager::Get().CreateFileWriter(*FileSource);
FString NewExcerpt;
for (int i = 0; i < FlexComponent->SimPositions.Num(); i++) {
	FVector4 &Vec = FlexComponent->SimPositions[i];
	NewExcerpt += FString::Printf(TEXT("%f %f %f"), Vec.X, Vec.Y, Vec.Z);
FileWriter->Serialize(TCHAR_TO_ANSI(*NewExcerpt), NewExcerpt.Len());
delete FileWriter;


Add to .h file:
#include “FlexComponent.h”
#include “FlexManager.h”

UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "FlexParticleLibrary|Other")
	static void SaveObject(FString FileSource, UFlexComponent *FlexComponent);

Storing the actual deformed mesh seems to be more complicated, that is what I am trying to find out myself right now. For getting vertices of static meshes there seem to be solutions like this and this, which use the vertex buffer in the render data, but when I use them with a static mesh extracted from my FlexComponent I only get the undeformed vertices. I think this probably has sth to do with how Flex handles its rendering, but I haven’t quite understood FlexRender.h yet and am a bit lost tbh. Has anybody some experience on how to export the deformed static mesh which we see in the simulation? I guess the data has to be accessible somewhere, somehow, help would be much appreciated ^^

Does anybody know of a branch that combines nvidia waveworks and vxgi? I just cannot get This one to work. It wont generate the project files.

It has bunch of other GW techs too. I have zero idea on VXGI interaction on the actual water though if that’s what you are after: it might not do anything at all for it, it could break etc, it is not something I’ve tested that branch against (mainly tested that individual techs work on their own).

Hello alll ! I would like to thank @ dyanikoglu for the 4.25 blast build, it’s awesome and exectly what i was looking for.

I was able to compile and launch the editor and even the 4.20 ue blast example.

I have a small problem, i can’t seem to launch the blast authoring tool.

I took “Blast-master\” and when i launch the authoring tool exe the console launch and close really fast without me being able to see if there is something in it.

I am not sure it is the right file but im looking for the blast gui software that is used to create blast assets like here : Blast Authoring Tool Editor — Blast Artist Tools 1.0 documentation

If anyone can help me it would be great !


I’m trying to add NvFlow (particle mode) and NvFlex (bodies sim) from the branch 0lento/4.21-GameWorks into UE4.27.

NvFlow :
Works with Dx11 but not dx12. This is not a big deal but I’d like to use Dx12 instead of Dx11. There is no crash and no error log but the particles are not simulated.

NvFlex :
Works with rope and soft joint components, flex mesh can be created from static mesh and flex container can be created and assigned.

There is 2 problems :

  • When I drag&drop a static flex mesh from the content browser into the scene a StaticMeshActor is created instead of a FlexActor.
  • When I press play with a Flex Soft Asset in the scene the editor crash with the error

Assertion failed: Resource [File:D:/Epic Games/UE_4.27_git/Engine/Source/Runtime/RenderCore/Private/ShaderParameterStruct.cpp] [Line: 536]
Null resource entry in uniform buffer parameters: FLocalVertexFactoryUniformShaderParameters.Resources[0], ResourceType 0x6.

I Think it’s linked to FlexVertexFactory and FlexMeshVertexFactoryShaderParameters but the differences between 4.21 and 4.27 in the render pipeline make it difficult to locate the root of the problem.

Any help would be much appreciated to solve this.

This is very interesting. Do you happen to have a GitHub branch with the changes you made to get to this?

Not at the moment, I will upload it next week.

But I made it working. I used this integration of flex for UE4.22 as reference : The workaround was to bypass the function in ShaderParameterStruct that test the buffers for Flex meshes.

For now I have Flow working with cascade particles using Dx11 but not Dx12 (but I’d like to) and Flex working using Dx11 and Dx12 but no fluid rendering as I don’t need it but I think it’s possible to have it too. I still don’t have a FlexActor created in the scene when I drag&drop a Flex mesh asset but it’s a detail.

Glad to hear you got it working! Can’t wait to give it a try once you upload it to GitHub. I do know that some GameWorks tech have separate dll libraries for DX11 and DX12, not sure if that might be the issue for Flow.

OMG! This is amazing man I salute you! Why doesn’t the fluids render? Does it work on UE4.27 yet?

Any news?

Here is the link :

Like I said there is no flex fluid support, but if I can try to add it if requested.
Having Physx 4.1 maye be nice too.

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Do you have NVIDIA flex4.26?

Thanks so much for your integration, I missed things trying to do it myself. I wish Flex Fluids worked, Idk the rendering pipeline enough yet myself…

I noticed the .gitignore needs to be updated to include the Gameworks files so that they can be downloaded by zip. I will merge both Flex and Flow into the 4.26 branch with Physx 4.1/Blast. It would be nice to get everything working in DX12 but idk myself…

I will work on progress when I can, if anyone gets further please share…

Here is WIP 4.26.2 Branch:
Nvidia Raytracing Improvements
Better LPV
Blast/PhysX4.1 Full Feature Set
Flex Soft/Rigid Bodies, Rope
Flow Particle Mode only but crashes in Standalone