NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

let’s make this a sticky post shall we? ^^

Maxime.Dupart said he issued a fix for this problem to Epic if I recall correctly. So I think it’s not related to VXGI?
It happens even when VXGI is turned off. Also, it does work when using Flat Tesselation without the flickering, which still is Tesselation?

There’s one other thing I wanted to ask you:

Since you are going to share only the compiled version of your super-unreal-engine, could you bump it to 4.15.1?
The changes are quite minor and also only about 15-20 changes total, yet there is a rather gamebreaking one amongst them
which prevented something (I don’t recall right now what it was, related to materials) from working in the final baked game.

I really appreciate the work you put into this, and that you are going to share with the community what you achieved.

Same here.

I updating to the last version of UE4.15 git repo based and Epic’s UE4.15 binary release, always.

About VXGI and tessellation, in the code the VXGI do not voxel’s light, or apply the light in the material, wen tessellation it’s applied in the same material.

Having trouble at compile time, related to runtimes, striping some things of, for testing and fixing, getting crazy with UHT, hard to find related problems.

I will post everything.

If this is a new project, first add a Flow collision channel:

On the emitter blueprint actor, set the collision to overlap on the Flow channel:

hello Andrew.Reidmeyer ,

is it possible to some how generate a grid which has smaller cells in the center and to the outside bigger cells? so we have a greater resolution from the outside of the grid to the Center. thx

@GeneralD thank you for the tutorial on how to merge the branches, however I came accross an error at the very last step (I think atleast). I merged VXGI, Volumetric Lighting, Flow and Flex and when I did the setup.bat part it went fine but when I open generateprojectfiles.bat I get this message

I checked if VXGI.Build.cs is in “\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\GameWorks\VXGI” and it is there, as you said I should check if there are extra “}” but there are none. Would appriciate if anyone could help.


\Engine\Source\ThirdParty\GameWorks\NvVolumetricLighting.Build.cs to \Engine\Source\ThirdParty\GameWorks\NvVolumetricLighting\NvVolumetricLighting.Build.cs regenerate projects.

Recommend, if You run setup.bat after merge’s
NVAPI and AMD_AGS are overwritten, merge that two again. and overwrite with the libs from NVIDIA branches.

@VItorEAFeliciano thanks, I did that and I could generate projects, compiled the engine and got 72 errors XD

Will try it all over again with just VXGI and VolumetricLighting.

EDIT: Succesfully merged VXGI and VolumetricLighting. Since CPU transparent particles won’t render with VXGI enabled, is there a way to get same results with GPU particles? Screen capture - 4baed2267fd0705b9863e9ff3a798897 - Gyazo You can see that the texture seems to be scaled down or something else is happening.

the link doesn’t work.

I pushed my VXGI+VolumetricLighting 4.15 branch on GitHub ( ), I am not 100% sure if it will compile for you guys, but you are free to try it :smiley:

There is also a build with Flow but when I tried to compile it it gave like 29 errors, so don’t download that I guess.

My friend also made a 4.14.3 VXGI+VolumetricLighting branch ( ), you can try that aswell, I am also not 100% sure if that one will compile.

If you download any of these and compile them, please let me know :slight_smile:

I will try your custom build :smiley:

Hello, thanks for your work! When will we see it? Would you publish on this thread?

Does anyone know if Flex particles colliding against skeletal meshes with convex colliders is something planned for the future ? I can see FleX particles colliding against static meshes using complex collision and it looks great but for skeletal meshes it seems that only the basic colliders are allowed (box, sphere, sphyl), not convex, thus breaking the immersion of the game. Cheers

Does vxgi work with Flow? i.e. I’ve been waiting for some way to get color bleeding onto smoke - eg. having smoke particles reflect indirect lighting from a red wall.

Hey guys can anyone confirm strange behavior with VXGI and Planar Reflection actor (Planar reflections not catching any shadows and GI)

The most stable VXGI is on 4.14.3 right now. On 4.15.X there’s some black magic happening, involving the usage of ‘computevisibility’ in vxgirendering.cpp .
All sprites, dynamic mesh, gets corrupted and are either disappearing or glitching all over the screen.
It seems to all come from there?! Not quite sure tbh.
Need to dive quite a bit into the implementation of VXGI to figure it all out i’m afraid.

On video below, which is VXGI/Volumetric light, you can see all the water effects, smoke, fire effects are all gone and there’s artefacts and glitches visible:

Does anyone know how to get all those to just one UE4 thing… please help me… (i dont wanna use Galaxyone15 thing) its old… so anyone?

@Maxime.Dupart oh yeah I have seen some of my geometry dissapearing which was really strange. I fixed the particles just by converting them into GPU particles. Anyways I have encountered a bug in my branch while using Volumetric Lighting and Depth of Field which I guess is because Volumetric Lighting is blended on top of everything, but it actually should be below stuff like Depth of Field.

Screenshot - b8d6b204fa25cf518dde259d084d81fd - Gyazo (VL off)

Screenshot - 6f038945d05b19f7cd9ca2d46c3066ce - Gyazo (VL on)

Can anyone confirm if this is also a bug in original Volumetric Lighting branch?

It appears i can reproduce the DoF issue, need to check further.