NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

1)in material editor window on “Palette” tab drag and drop a “LanscapeLayerBlend” into material editor area.a “Layer Blend” node will be created.
2)while “Layer Blend” node is selected create two or more layers in “Details” using “+” button
3)create two or more Textures in material editor and connect those to “Layer Blend” node .
4)connect “Layer Blend” node to “Base Color”

after i creating material this way and assign it to Landscape when i click on “Paint” in “Landscape” mode unreal get crash with fatal error

Ok i can reproduce it now :smiley: Ironically it works fine on 4.15 but it indeed crashed on 4.14.X

Looking fast it might come from “FPrimitiveSceneInfo::AddStaticMeshes” in Runtime/Renderer/Private/PrimitiveSceneInfo.cpp

OK.Thank you.I will test it.

I haven’t shared 4.15 VXGI yet, and do’nt intend to in near future, i’m looking to fix your issue on 4.14.3 and will update the github link in my signature if i figure it out.

I’ve narrowed down the issue to

template<typename LightMapPolicyType>
void Process(…])
TVXGIVoxelizationDrawingPolicy<LightMapPolicyType> ← this is the one crashing

in VxgiRendering.cpp

I can’t spend more time on this but if anyone wanna try to fix this, ti’s all coming from there.

@Miles.Macklin When can I see an update about WaveWorks?

@Maxime.Dupart - Could you write a quick tutorial on how to merge the branches from nvidia github for someone who hasn’t done it before or point to a tutorial you would reccommend. Thanks in advance.

Try to turn off vxgi in the main material options. May help.

Ok just to update, seems like Flex particles in their current state are unable to collide against complex geometry attached to a skeletal mesh. can anyone confirm ? thanks in advance.

Can confirm. I can’t make Flex Cloth to collide against Skeltal Mesh (either complex geometry or physical asset).

Have you both checked the Ragdoll test map? there’s clearly collision with the ragdoll which is a SkeletalMeshActor using physics asset. The ‘per-poly’ isn’t working, but it isn’t that surprising?

Just made this small test:

Did anybody try to test Flex 1.1 on AMD gpu?

Did not, but by default it’s not using any CUDA technology, so it should render as well. It all relies on DX11, and even got ported to DX12 so…!

It only works if skeletal mesh is root. It doesn’t work with with something like character setup.

Looks good! Why aren’t you sharing your 4.15 build? I’m sure there’s several people it could help!

Sorry, I am only able to comment on Flex release schedule. I am not sure the status of Waveworks integration.

Thanks for putting this together Maxime!

Can you be more specific about your character setup? Is this not a skeletal mesh actor? Or it is parented to some other actor somehow?

Just use ACharacter as base. It have Capsule component as root, and Skeletal Mesh is child of capsule. In this setup Flex Cloth doesn’t collide with skeletal mesh.
Attaching Flex component as child to skeletal mesh, doesn’t fix anything.

Same for me. 4.14.3 VXGI branch here. Also, enabling directional light VXGI indirect lighting crashes the editor.

Just a note to say that the official Flex and Flow integrations into UE 4.15.0 are now available here:

+1 with this. I guess @Maxime.Dupart has reasons not to share the build at the moment but it would really help if he has plan to in the future. Since @GalaxyMan2015 has paused his integration build progress, it looks like he’s our only hope for the awesome GameWorks custom builds :slight_smile: