NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

line 3000 in that file is


in a function which loads the vxgi module (dll).

i checked the path the code looks for the dll. for me it looks like this when i open it in windows explorer:

maybe your dlls are missing in there?

i uploaded a simple project demonstrating the shadowing artifacts i get while using the vxgi-4.15 build.

could anybody please confirm that you get the same results as me pls?

i narrowed the problem down a bit more, it is only happening when the material has PN_Triangles tessellation enabled.
when disabled, or when using flat tessellation this doesn’t happen.

screenshot of what it looks like here:

link to project:


Ya, the problem resides with packer ignoring and not recognize some macro definitions and pass all in the headers, has this VXGI- GFSDK_VXGI_x86.dll, not available in the dir, the linkage produce error’s later.
In the UE4 Editor logs, warnings and messages popup about missing and truncated things about unrecognized pre def macros also.
Commenting all files with VXGI (PublicDependencyModuleNames.Add(“VXGI”) - /|| (Target.Platform == UnrealTargetPlatform.Win32)/ and removing linkage for x86 libs, fix some things.

I’ve been using VXGI for lighting for over a month now and am EXTREMELY satisfied with the results and framerate (1080p not 4k). One of the major problems I’m having though is the effects on Subsurface materials. Normally my character’s skin would lookk like skin, but indirect lighting on the skin makes it white/pale, as if it the material is having adverse effects from the VXGI. Is anyone else seeing this problem and is there a solution? I would love to keep using the SS affects to simulate skin, but if it’s unfixed, I guess I can resort to not using SS on the material. :confused:

Congrats on the integration, I’m grabbing my seat for the day you release your 4.15 Nvidia tech build! I’ve been using your 4.14.3 build until 4.15 came out, now I’m using the official Nvidia 4.15 VXGI build while waiting <3

Nvidia released all their official 4.15 integration by now, while i actually brought every package to 4.15 from 4.14 except volumetric.
I need to double check everything as Nvidia official ports are way cleaner and relevant integrations than mine. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also there’s clear incompatibilities out of the box between VXGI and the Volumetric package.
While on the surface it might seems to work properly, there’s real issues to adress, from performance to engine crashes.

The VXGI Debug feature for instance, is straight broken once both packages get merged, and creates engine crashes.

Any news on VRWorks 4.15? Should be a powerful combination with some of the new features…


Wish I had technical background to help :D. I’m doing animated series in UE4 so I have the luxury of ignoring performance cost, but VXGI+Volumetric+Hairworks+Flex is a must-have in return. I really hope you could find time to update and share your 4.15 build later. Cheers man.

Setting the Flow emitter couple rate to 0.0 is the best way to disable an emitter.

Blueprint timelines can be used to dynamically vary emitter parameters. The NvFlowSamplesVR project has effects that demonstrate this.

Hello, will it contain waveworks? If not, could you make a tutorial about how to merge them?

Can anyone confirm this issue with VXGI 4.15 ? Happens with a lot of emitters

In 4.15 VXGI, I get that effect from the sun in my landscape if the camera is pointed directly at it and the sun is partially occluded by trees or objects.

I can confirm this in a 4.15.1 build with volumetric lighting and vxgi/hbao.


Could anybody please check if you can confirm the shadow mapping artifacts/error I showed some posts above?


I do have this shadowing issue with heavy shadow flickering while VXGI is turned off and bake the light main directionnal light.

Can I ask a question Maxime.Dupart? Can you integrate “Volumetric Lighting, VXAO, VXGI, HBAO+, TXAA, Soft Shadows, GI Works” for Unreal Engine 4.15?

VXGI, VXAO, and GI Works are literally the same thing, HBAO+ is already in all VXGI builds, TXAA is more or less comparable to the TAA in the UE4 already, the UE4 is getting Volumetric Lighting soon anyway as a default feature apparently, and Soft Shadows (aka ShadowWorks that I mentioned a few posts ago) has no official integration to merge yet, he would need to do it from scratch.

I’m sure what you ask for is possible, but the good news is the majority of what you’re looking for is already available in the official Nvidia branches.

Thank you very much for confirming this behaviour.

You are right, it occurs even with vxgi turned off.

Well, for me personally it’s not that much of a problem as one could still use flat tesselation, but maybe it will get fixed soon.

I also converted a project of mine to 4.15.1/Volumetric/VXGI. I turned VXGI on and didn’t see any of the flickering stuff like in the ShooterGame.
But there are not that many particle emmiters in it yet, just some fire particle systems.

Where did you get that information from?


first thank you for all the great gameworks stuff. i am currently playing around with flow and i have some question. where are these DefaultFlowMaterial0 / DefaultFlowRenderMaterial0 / DefaultColorMap0 files located? i can edit them but i cant find them in the browser/project. when i migrate the nvsample project to another project with the same engine build nothing happens in the new project, what im missing here? and are we able to emit from particles / particle meshes ? thanks