NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

In 4.15 VXGI, I get that effect from the sun in my landscape if the camera is pointed directly at it and the sun is partially occluded by trees or objects.

I can confirm this in a 4.15.1 build with volumetric lighting and vxgi/hbao.


Could anybody please check if you can confirm the shadow mapping artifacts/error I showed some posts above?


I do have this shadowing issue with heavy shadow flickering while VXGI is turned off and bake the light main directionnal light.

Can I ask a question Maxime.Dupart? Can you integrate “Volumetric Lighting, VXAO, VXGI, HBAO+, TXAA, Soft Shadows, GI Works” for Unreal Engine 4.15?

VXGI, VXAO, and GI Works are literally the same thing, HBAO+ is already in all VXGI builds, TXAA is more or less comparable to the TAA in the UE4 already, the UE4 is getting Volumetric Lighting soon anyway as a default feature apparently, and Soft Shadows (aka ShadowWorks that I mentioned a few posts ago) has no official integration to merge yet, he would need to do it from scratch.

I’m sure what you ask for is possible, but the good news is the majority of what you’re looking for is already available in the official Nvidia branches.

Thank you very much for confirming this behaviour.

You are right, it occurs even with vxgi turned off.

Well, for me personally it’s not that much of a problem as one could still use flat tesselation, but maybe it will get fixed soon.

I also converted a project of mine to 4.15.1/Volumetric/VXGI. I turned VXGI on and didn’t see any of the flickering stuff like in the ShooterGame.
But there are not that many particle emmiters in it yet, just some fire particle systems.

Where did you get that information from?


first thank you for all the great gameworks stuff. i am currently playing around with flow and i have some question. where are these DefaultFlowMaterial0 / DefaultFlowRenderMaterial0 / DefaultColorMap0 files located? i can edit them but i cant find them in the browser/project. when i migrate the nvsample project to another project with the same engine build nothing happens in the new project, what im missing here? and are we able to emit from particles / particle meshes ? thanks

Interesting, I’ll keep an eye on that.

Those are default objects generated in code, so no file exists for them. Creating a new Flow material will include the same parameters and allow editing.

This gonna be the first 100 pages topic ever :smiley:

I’m working with flow, and trying to recreate the tech demo that they released a few weeks ago.
Now It seems that I’m overlooking something because I have a mesh going through the flow emitter, but it hardly has any effect. I cant find any documentation on this.

Does anyone has an Idea why there is so little going on?

**** that thing is moving way too fast haha, thats the first thing i would decrease :slight_smile: and also make sure that your mesh thats moving has flex on “block” under collision properties

Ah thas was the problem!

I used this speed because any slower it didn’t have any effect. I also had a look at the collisionTest level and copied the settings but still i din’t had any result or very minor.
Thanks overfuze!


I use VXGI library (version 1.0) for visualization Indirect Illumination in my render engine and faced with some issue.
When I’m trying to compile VXGI shaders in parallel threads I get error: “GI_ShaderFactory.cpp:55. Failed to decompress shader a cache entry (-3)”
Can I use parallel compiling or it is not supported?


Does anybody know what settings of VXGI should be changed to decrease of video memory? I mean which parameters of VXGI cause big/or less memory consumption

Could anyone tell me why visual studio is failing to build branch VXGI-4.15?

This the error below.

Error C4596 ‘RHIVXGIGetGPUTime’: illegal qualified name in member declaration UE4 D:\Program Files\Epic Games\vgix\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\Windows\D3D11RHI\Private\D3D11RHIPrivate.h 561


Hi, NVIDIA GameWorks TEAM,

If not asking to much, can UE4.15 WaveWorks branch, CUDA libs be updated to CUDA 8.0 release?

I’m merging FLEX and Turbulence with CUDA 8.0, WaveWorks CUDA 5.5, and compiling for CUDA. And I getting things to include just only one CUDART lib version to link at compile time wen building for CUDA, with one to include the necessary libs. Only WaveWorks CUDA has outdated, probably going to give-my problems and conflicts.

If WaveWorks CUDA libs updated to 8.0. It will be awesome, and I can continue to work with one CUDA lib version for both.

Can’t flow do what you expected to do with turbulence? From what i understand, turbulence isn’t supported any longer moving forward.