NVIDIA GameWorks Integration

Thank you guys so much!!

The problem is indeed the bone name’s spaces. After I convert all the spaces to “_”, the fur sync with the animation perfectly!

Now I got a fluffy bunny!!



im glad it worked :smiley: have fun playing around it

Apparently the new material cone tracing feature didn’t break anything, so it’s merged into the official 4.9 and 4.10 branches now.

is there a 4.10 hairworks version? I’m also wondering if this integration works with the PS4 files? If so, do I follow steps to install nvPhysXUE4 same as the regular UE4?

Anyone that can guide me into how to integrate the gameworks builds correctly into Truesky build? Thanks in advance

Anyone here skilled in Gameworks FLEX?

If yes, please reply to this message or send Inbox with your contacts for a paid job.


Try out Beyond Compare, it will let you compare whole directories at once. Then you just have to download each repo, compare the whole thing, and merge them together. My guess is that there aren’t actually a ton of straight-up conflicts, so it should just be a matter of moving the TrueSky classes into the Gameworks build or vice versa (my guess is moving Truesky into the Gameworks branch will be easiest as it likely has less code).

Sorry if I’m asking the obvious but how will I increase the boundaries of the Flex water particles? I’m trying to create a waterfall like effect but the particles cease to exist after a very short duration. I tried to edit in the cascade but couldn’t do it. No size, boundaries, location or any other thing seems to effect this. Do you know why?


Try playing with the particle system bounds and also the Kill Particle module (I think that is the right name) as FLEX particles are killed when they drop below a certain distance. You’ll want to remove the module or increase the distance.

Unbelievable. There’s a module there called Kill Height. I have no idea why I haven’t seen it till now. Guess I need some sleep:P Thank you very much GalaxyMan!

Thank you so much!

I don’t know if this has been asked before, but is there (a simple) away to NOT include VXGI, when building your merged branch. I don’t really need VXGI, but I would like all the rest.
Thanks for all your work. Looking forward to 4.10 version of your branch.

Just don’t enable it in post-process. Not really any harm having it there if you don’t use it.

True, but shader compile time is quite a bit slower, and somehow all my materials have been marked with “VXGI”, and I don’t want to go through them all and uncheck.

Uncheck it before hitting the compile button.

The only other way is just to build a merged branch yourself, which while it isn’t too terrible to do so, it can introduce back a lot of the issues that GalaxyMan fixed. There may be an option somewhere to not make VXGI enabled the default option, it didn’t used to be until 4.9 and past it, but the easiest solution is just to turn off VXGI for the materials you need to edit from this point forward, and just eat the longer compile time for the rest of them when the project first loads.

I wonder, Does PhysX Flex supports AMD Cards?

I think FLEX is currently (dunno if that will change) Nvidia only as far as I know.

Hey guys,

How can I import a .OBJ into a scene on FLEX CUDA install?

For example, I have a .OBJ rope file, that I would like to replace into the rope scene and have it simulated.


Alright. I got problems with Visual Studio 2015… I can’t even build my engine xD
Galaxyman what version did you used? to build your latest merge? I tried to install VS2015 but its failed. It says Teamexplorer failed to install. Now i cant even use 2013…

Thanks, I suspected, there was no “easy” way out.