**Now Available** New Release: Effects Cave Showcase

:frowning: 1.05 am in my country , after 6 hourse I have to go to work! still no caves ,no effects…

Seems like they’re trying to fix the switch, so to speak.

I… can’t… WAIT!

Haha, just kidding I’ll be patient. SUPER excited for this though!

Don’t worry Epic, we can wait :slight_smile: I’m sure it’ll be worth it!

Dont say that! :smiley: I can’t wait :wink:

gregdumb ,please don’t speak for whole community cuz we can’t wait…so excited ,I really need snow storm for my project…so excited ,so excited…

Nice to see such an enthusiasm. But c’mon guys be patient! You get your hands on it soon enough :wink:

“never can be soon enough” (c) Korben

Amazing what you guys are doing for the community

I guess the right form should be “Amazing what you guys are doing with community” :smiley:

(for those who didn’t get it …I was just kidding)

But if they need to fix the marketplace because it’s not working, there’s nothing we can do about it… that’s one of the reasons why they do these releases. They are setting up their marketplace system. So the more problems they fix now, the closer it gets to making community content a reality! :smiley: Or so I would assume…

But anyway, let me rephrase myself: I can wait, because we should get a better product in the end. Sound better? :slight_smile:

Since I am still waiting and got bored: :wink:

Downloadinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg :smiley: :cool:

very very very coooolllllll

Yup, it’s there! :smiley: Downloading! :smiley:

100% newbie question here… what’s the best way to import one of the assets from the cave (or the other samples) to a blank/empty new level?

Awesooooome! I know what I’ll be doin tonight.

Awesome thank you EPIC. Downloading now! :slight_smile:

Just took a look - absolutely amazing! :smiley:

Woooooooooow… “the Cave” it’s PURE ART!!! beautifull and inspiring!! SUBLIME