**Now Available** New Release: Effects Cave Showcase

UPDATE The Effects Cave is now LIVE in Marketplace! Thanks for your patience. Everyone enjoy! :slight_smile:

Folks who have been doing their homework on GPU particle systems in UE4 may have noticed the Effects Showcase]( referenced in UE4 documentation. Great news – today all UE4 subscribers can download this pretty content from Marketplace for free!

Epic’s senior FX artist Tim Elek crafted all the particle systems, water decals and effects work in the showcase. “This project showcases UE4’s new GPU particle features, with the goal of illustrating how we leverage GPU systems when creating atmosphere for a high-quality environment,” he explains.

To demonstrate a range of elements, the warm and tropical cave interior is juxtaposed with icy, blizzard-like conditions just outside the cavern.

“GPU particle techniques include extensive use of vector fields, particle collisions, and the size by speed module, coupled with high-density emission rates.”

Epic environment artist Paul Svoboda completed the environment work in terms of meshing, lighting, post-process and environment materials. Senior character artist Mark Morgan modeled and textured the demon sculpture by the bridge, and senior cinematic designer Michael Clausen directed the cinematic camerawork.

Please share any feedback, questions and suggestions below!


Nice! Finally it is available for all :smiley:

“Today all UE4 subscribers can download this pretty content from Marketplace for free!”

Has it already launched? I was getting a weird VC error so I re-installed Unreal Engine but when I log-in, Effects Cave is still coming soon.

It’s not appearing on my end, (Scotland) :frowning:

Same here.

Then again, Realistic Rendering Demo also took quite some while before it was showing up for me… Guess we have to be patient a little bit more…

Still can’t see it here - Germany. :frowning:

I’m less than 20 mins away from EPIC in NC and I can’t see it yet :stuck_out_tongue: No need to stress it will be up.

Hey guys!

Just wanted to give you a heads up that we are expecting this up on the Marketplace for you soon. Apologies for keeping you waiting!

can’t wait!:stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone got his hands on this yet?

Fantastic! Can’t wait for this.

Oh, tomorrow then…

Still not there for me… anybody else got it yet?

(Not to sound greedy or anything :p)

I don’t have it yet, either. :frowning: (Or my shirt, for that matter), lol.

You guys are such heroes or as some would say… simply epic.

that pun was so unreal.

Guys give it to me now !!! Can’t wait any longer LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

Theron ,oh you too!:smiley: .Try to create something in BluePrint while waiting ,that helps me:cool:


You guys have been on fire with the content updates, and posts on the homepage. Keep up the great work!


5 pm over here and i dont see it, but its cool that the effects demo is out.