Not sure what this error means in materials editor.

Hi I am trying to make the stars in skysphere rotate. I have used my own texture so that it is higher quality but I get the error: [SM5] (Node TextureSample) Coercion failed: MaterialFloat2 Local3 = (MaterialFloat2(Local1,Local2) + Parameters.TexCoords[0].xy); : float2 → float3
I have copied exactly what they used for the clouds (also the lerp since I am not sure what it does but just to test, for me to learn)

Do you have a texture set for the texture sample? Looks blank to me

It does, it just doesn’t show in the preview.

Sorry about that I actually typed more but it didn’t post…or it posted in another question…uh oh…anyway are the values set for speed and coordinates?

The star speed is set to .1. The panner is set to speed x = .0002, speed y = 0, const coord = 0

Is this the effect you are trying to achieve:
Rotating Stars - YouTube ?

I’ve tried 3 times to post this comment

That is exactly it!!

Is your texture a cubemap? If not the setup I used won’t work for your setup. Instead of a panner use the node “Rotate About Axis” this is how I used it:

By the by not to plug a product or anything but I actually sell this BP on the marketplace, if you want a finished working version of what you saw in the video. Just FYI, if not I will help as best I can to get you situated with your setup anyway.

Are you using the sample cloud/sky material that comes with the editor…the standard sky sphere material as your base?

So I was using a cubemap but change it to the sample in hopes that it would solve the issue. So I got it to rotate but now the texture rotates fine and then goes fast, pinches together, and back to normal.

About your product, I probably would if I had some spare cash and if this wasn’t just a passionate hobby of mine. I am also trying to do as much as I can “by myself”. I will watch tutorials and copy what they do but it allows me to learn the hows and whys, then I can slowly take it apart for my own needs. Instead of getting something and not really knowing how it works. Then I will be able to answer questions and not be the one asking so often. haha :slight_smile:

Makes perfect sense, that’s why i said not to plug a product I didnt’ want to seem like I was pushing for a sale but thought I would inform you incase you wanted something right away working…at what point does it pinch with your setup? Can you post a screenshot of the full material?

I am using the standard sky material. I also uploaded where I setting the parameter and right as the pinching happens.

Got it, Set all your values star rotation X, Y, and Z to 0 like in my screenshot and then only set a value of 1 in one of them (which ever direction you want it to rotate) and that will fix your pinching problem.

That was the first think I did but it still causes the pinching. I have even test reach rotation at 1 but they still rotate clockwise. There are no changing directions based on xyz. Only that screenshot of the pinch, which rotates clockwise.

I realized the xyz has a set value of .1 so I changed that to 0. Now the stars do not rotate and now they flip when they reach that same time as if they were rotating, just no pinching.

Well I got it to work! I had to manually set a value in the material to 1. while the others are zero, I think this is what you meant but I didn’t realize it. Now I have to figure out how to slow it down and add in the drop box like you have!

Yep that’s what I meant, the drop down is from an Enum and I use a switch on Enum node in the BP to set which of the 3 gets set to 1, since they are parameters they can be set from within the BP and switch via enum allows for the drop menu selection.

to slow it down crank your value for speed way down like in my screen shot to something like 0.0001 - 0.001

Awesome! thank you so much for your help! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, don’t forget to mark this as resolved/answered.