Not able to use point and spotlights in orthographic view

I’m unable to use point and spot lights in orthographic view. I’ve been looking into this for a while now, waiting with each new engine update hoping this bug will be fixed. I want to put the player in a 2d perspective with all the advantages of a 3d environment. With each new update the engine is improved upon and it would be amazing to have access to those new features but I have to stay in v13. Is there any chance this will ever get resolved? Thanks!

Orthographic camera has no lighting

Perspective camera has lighting

The issue has been brought to light hehe before [UE-40089][3]

So after doing some tests in 4.13 I realized it had its own problems as well with orthographic view, namely that the light will bleed through meshes. So I switched over to 4.16 and found in the forums that I could set the camera to perspective view with a low focal point, I set mine to 5, then send the spring arm back from the character, like REALLY far. This allowed me to have the lighting I wanted as long as the camera didn’t have to go too much farther than what I set it to.

But this solution really isn’t a solution because the camera is so far away I can’t use the height fog for the volumetric lighting. I’m sure there will be a ton of other unforeseen problems that will follow as well. If anyone has any thoughts or solutions to this problem I’m all ears. Thanks!

Oh and one more thing. for the temporary solution I talk about above when testing the game in engine and quiting out, the viewport camera stays out where the character camera is. So I set “ctrl+q” to move the camera back into the scene and then quit game. I’m sure when I start implementing camera shakes and maybe even post process I’ll run into more problems. The whole thing is pretty discouraging.