Normals in Unreal not smoothing the model?

Hey! My team have been working on some models and materials etc. and I thought that normals looked pretty good in UE4…until my modeller showed me this. The bolts are smoothed in Unity (via the normals), but in UE4 they are still really edgy. Anyone know why? I have the same problem with my other models, that use the same material (I cant attach another photo, so you can inspect the material setup in the comment section of this question).

Heres the Material for anyone who might need it! Its pretty basic.

Hey Borzi -

It looks like your normal is on the model, but the smoothing groups were not imported into UE4. I would have to see the FBX (or original model file) for the model to know for certain but check to make sure your model is smoothed correctly in your modeling program then re-import the asset into UE4.

Let me know if this fixes your problem or you are still having problems -

Eric Ketchum

Alright thank you! Will look into it and get back at you.

Edit: If I sent you a FXB file, would you be able to take a look at it?

Yes, I could look into it for you. Just upload the FBX if you want to keep it private let me know.

Hey Borzi -

I have confirmed that it is your smoothing groups. I took you model into Maya and redid the smoothing groups on your model and it imported correctly. Here is a screenshot: (The original import with no smoothing groups is shown in the distance.)

Hope that helps you guys out -

Eric Ketchum

Thanks for the effort man! We are using Blender, will we still be able to correct it (use these smoothing groups)?

Hey Borzi -

Yes, you should be able to, try look here for information